Aug 13 2012

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Atma Katha ~ 332

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  1. Mukund Mohan

    Jai Guru Datta Puttuji

    Amazing reasons and explanations !! The reason for selecting SSR, Dattavatara Appaji is going to tell next…… Sri Guru Datta !!

  2. dariashakti

    Jaya Guru Datta for this story and these teachings on Akash…this comparision to a black hole gives a new way to meditate on this element! Looking forward to being able to hear Sri Swamiji tell this story about Hatcha falls…that was a scary fall! So glad He is safe and telling us this wonderful story!

  3. anil kumar

    Jaya Guru Datta Puttuji
    Great things beyond our imaginations are being explained. it is really wonderful that akasha has been explained in a completely different persepective. Thanks to SSR which made HH safe and helping thousands of devotees

  4. Maurice Clarke

    JGD. A fully absorbing story! I eagerly await the next slide! JGD.

  5. G.Sivarama Krishna.

    Puttuji, JGD & SGD, thanks for enlightening me about 5elements, Gluons interaction with protons and neutrtons. Surely H.H Appaji is taking us to spiritual/scientific odyssy. I want to read more from you about the significance of Satashloki Ramayana at this crusial phase.

  6. S.Jayaraman

    Sadgurudeva, The explanation on gluon takes me to another important discovery like subatomic particles which are minutest particles which the scientists found that they control the universe and an interesting aspect about thissubautomic condition is the cosmic dance of Lord Siva in the form Of Lord Nataraja .

  7. pushpa

    Waiting eagerly for the next stanza . Jai Rama, Rama;

  8. Hira Duvvuri

    Jai Sriram. What eye openers for us, these Atma Katha episodes! Thank you Puttuji.

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