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Gaze at nature


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Candle from Puttu Gam on Vimeo.

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Casteless wick light

Sri Swamiji sings his self composed poem on the castelessness of a flickering light. The clay lamp pot made by a potter, the oil extracted by a oilman, cotton wick grown by an agriculturist, Mantras sung by a brahmin priest, a stone hearted you light the casteless light infront of the stone idol. A deeply philosophical poem on unity.

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Share Your Food

Annadanam Is Mahadanam

Share your food

1) It is the Sankalpa of Pujya Gurudeva to help the needy. Any one interested can participate in this gigantic Maha Yagnya. Here are few simple steps to be followed:-
a) If possible give up your dinner and fast one time on every Tuesday.
b) Whatever vegetarian food you plan to have for dinner, give it to a needy person or any animal in your neighbourhood.
c) People with health problems need not fast but still can participate in the Yagnya by giving a portion of their dinner to the needy, aged and people with physical ailments.
e) Sacrifice of ONE dinner in a week is not difficult. In fact, occasional fasting is advantageous.
g) While giving the food please chant JAYA GURU DATTA and OM NAMO HANUMATE NAMAHA
h) Join your hands in sacrificing for the needy.
i) This would be your greatest gift to the society.

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