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Video clips from Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji's Raga Sagara Healing Music Concerts.

Sri Swamiji’s Raga Sagara Concerts ~ Videos On Demand

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Nada Tattva Raga Sagara – Bangalore

Nada Tattva Raga Sagara Music for Meditation concert of Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji was held in Gayatri Vihar Palace Grounds in Bangalore on 26th January 2011. Accompanying Pujya Sri Swamiji were Dr.L.Subaramaniam on Violin and Sri.Karaikkudi Mani on Mridangam, two greatest artists on those instruments. Sri Swamiji played several Ragas over two hours of music. This video feature showcases Raga Yogini.

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Nadaamruta Raga Sagara – Mumbai

Shanmukhananda Hall is a premier arts venue in Mumbai. On 26th June 2010, Pujya Sri Swamiji gave a full two hour music for meditation concert titled Nadamruta Raga Sagara. Sri Swamiji’s subtle handling of Yogini – a rare Raga is a treat to hear and watch.

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Swaravali Raga Sagara – Malaysia

The Plenary Hall in Kuala Lumpur’s convention centre is a state of the art concert hall. Sri Swamiji gave Swaravali Raga Sagara on 7th March 2010. Sri Swamiji’s play of several Ragas were acclaimed. Raga Shuddha Seemantini is presented in this short video feature.

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Nada Yoga Raga Sagara – Chennai

Nada Yoga Raga Sagara in Sri Ramachandra grounds in Chennai was an open air concert for Music for Meditation. The stellar background setting and the teeming crowds enriched the concert experience. Sri Swamiji plays Raga Gamanashrama in this short video.

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