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Is it right to entertain desire to live permanently?

Our elders say that we should never seek to live permanently. Never desire that once again we should be born as humans, once again we should be born in the same city, once again we should be born in the same house and so on. In fact, desire of any form is a sheer waste!

We have not come to stay permanently on this earth. Our stay here is purely temporary. Our birth here is just like any other season. This birth is an opportunity given by God to understand the essence of life. One should be careful and not get entangled in these attachments, which are the traps. This birth is a chance to get out of the attachments that we already have created; not to create new ones.

  • Bhaktimala

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Similarities between Hinduism and Islam?

At different times based on the local situations, customs and needs, different religions sprouted in different countries. But the fundamentals of all religions are one and the same! Forgetting this basic fact, one religion trying to establish supremacy over another religion is not good. Let us discard such feelings of differences and respect each other.

When I was a child, my mother used to instruct me to hold the Bhagavad Gita in one hand, Koran in the other and to keep the Bible under my pillow when I go to bed. With this she taught me that all the Granthas (spiritual texts) preach the same matter. But now we have begun to break this big dharma into innumerable pieces.

There are many similarities between Hinduism and Islam. While in Islam people go to Haj, in our religion they visit Kashi. They pray 5 times a day, our dharma says that we should pray thrice- morning, afternoon and evening which are called the sandhya hours. They fast during Ramzan, we fast on Ekadashi. Rules and regulations are fixed around this in every religion so as to create a fear and obedience in us and to adhere to it.

Learn to observe the similarities. It is wrong when people get into arguments and try to split the community. It is important that every person should adhere to the religion into which he is born. While adhering to your religious principles, protect other religions. Live in harmony with people of other faiths.

Bhaktimala Mar 2001

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What is significance behind MMS messages (SGS posts)?

MMS is a treasure. It is a pearl, a gem, and a coral. It is of such high significance. This MMS is Kali Yuga Bhagavad Gita. What is contained in that vast book is being passed on to you in the form of small short sentences. One vast text is compiled into one short sentence. As you keep focusing on that sentence, it is enough.

Some devotees had compiled and drawn out assorted important sayings from the various books such as Neetimala, God word, Life history, so many stories that had been earlier told by Swamiji and from his various other discourses and saptahas. Swamiji has personally gone through these collections, read and re-read them and handpicked selected MMS sayings that are being sent out daily.

I am deeply saddened at the careless attitude displayed by devotees towards MMS. My heart writhes in pain. Like a small child I sit in the studio and take English lessons so that I can record my voice for the MMS. I do this for the benefit of the present younger generation. For all the trouble that I take, people who know about MMS and who are my devotees do not even have the time to see it. (Swamiji’s voice reflected deep pain). I am really, really saddened.

I am not preaching in this MMS that you should give up food in entirety, give up everything in life and to remain in silence at all hours. You continue with your samsara and life as usual.

Sometimes I think how unfortunate you are. Swamiji is giving you something precious and you are simply kicking away the knowledge (Saraswati) with your leg. This is lamentable.

To be frank, at times, I even feel insulted due to your careless attitude towards MMS. How far can I help a person desirous of climbing a tree? I can hold him and push him as far as my hand goes. Thereafter he needs to climb on his own. Those who claim that Appaji is everything to them, have no time to go through MMS. They give many lame excuses. They say that they already know this knowledge. It is not new.

If they speak thus, then what can I do? Swamiji will say, “O is it so? Ok, OK.” But in reality, you are the loser. My incarnation will go away. After this incarnation I will go away to another planet to help beings there. I will incarnate there. Tell me, what is the connection between you and me? Only if you keep the connection going, like a hook if you hold on, then again in another incarnation of mine, in another birth, you will be benefited. However, none of you seem to share such feelings. Some may have the feelings, but they lack the earnestness required for it.

Today is the birthday of Puttugam. Puttugam is grieving. So I had to tell you all. It is not your Appaji who is feeling bad. Both Jayalakshmi Mata and Ganapati are very upset that you are neglecting these valuable lessons.

My dear good devotees! This MMS is like an operation without the necessity of anaesthesia. If you truly want to rid yourselves of all your bad karmas then follow these messages daily. So far I was weeding out your infections without your knowledge. But now I am weeding them out while you are fully conscious about it. Hence it may burn a little. The first drop of medicine that is administered into the eye of a patient suffering from eye infection causes some burning sensation. The subsequent drop does not cause burning. It cools. This is because the germs would have got killed with the first drop. If you believe that the eye drop should not cause burning at all, then it cannot be administered resulting in eye damage. To protect the eye, this drop is necessary.

A thorn can be removed only with the aid of another thorn. If you plead with the thorn “Oh thorn, I love you. Please come out” Will it come?  On the other hand what will happen to the leg if you decide to use a knife to remove the thorn?

I spoke all this as it was Puttugam’s birthday. It was not me who spoke. It was Puttugam. This entire earth (bhu mandala) is contained within Puttugam. I do not know if Puttugam wrote these MMS or got them written, created them or got them created. It is immaterial. As far as we are concerned this MMS is a Prasada that we are receiving from our Guru.

All of you, at least from now on, please read it and derive blessedness out of it.Please do not slide down from your existing location. Be careful. All of you are very good and supreme souls. You are Devatas. All of you are elevated beings (jeevatma). Due to the various meritorious deeds that you have performed across various births, you have had this chance of being associated with me.

  • Puttugam birthday speech March 10th 2013

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Why should we bow before Sadguru?

Many believe that by prostrating before Swamiji they have done Him a favour! If someone were to tell Swamiji, “I did not offer obeisance to you” then heart of heart I will be relieved. Because for every prostration offered, Swamiji has to give one blessing in return to that person!

Swamiji does not bless casually, “May you live long happily with your children and grandchildren.” These are the ordinary blessings that elders, parents and ordinary worldly Gurus shower when someone prostrates before them. But blessings showered by Swamiji will be totally different. They are deep blessings filled with immense significance. You have no idea of the blessings He showers. Such is the significance behind offering obeisance (namaskara) to Him.

At times Swamiji announces, “Do not offer namaskara now.” This is because Swamiji is too busy at that minute to accept your prostrations. You may wonder, “What is this? Why does He make such a fuss? I will go to some corner and offer obeisance.” But it is easier said than done. It is not so easy to offer obeisance to Him. Offering obeisance may seem easy to you, but in His eyes it is not so simple. For one namaskara you offer, Swamiji has to take on one additional responsibility of yours!

Devotees are perplexed when people seated next to them do not even bother to prostrate before Swamiji. Why do you worry? Just remain quiet. This is because if that person whole-heartedly prostrates before me, I will have to take on one responsibility of theirs. If he does not, then I am free. I am happy. It ends with it.

If a person refuses to offer obeisance due to his excessive ego, then his question remains unanswered forever. It will never get resolved in this birth. On the other hand, if the person Self-surrenders completely, then his question will get resolved. This is undeniable truth.

One should never Self-surrender to God, with ego. Yet, at the same time, Self-surrender should never be done out of ignorance (ajnana). It should not be done out of coercion or as pretence. Self-surrender should be done with full ripened wisdom (buddhi). Only then doubts get resolved in entirety. Hence one should observe great caution in this matter.


  • Puttugam birthday speech March 10th 2013

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Datta maata 46: God punishes purely to reform the devotee

God is very merciful but you will be punished for your sins. Everybody knows this. Nobody can escape the results of the sins committed. But, out of compassion, God delays the punishment for your sin. If he punishes you as soon as you commit the sin, then you will come to know for which mistake you have been punished and you fear to commit sin. With such fear, that sin will not be committed again. But, the bad attributes that the mind is attached to will not be vanished. There is no inner transformation at all.

For that to happen, one must know that one has committed a mistake and that it causes pain to others. From that pain, affection on others should arise. We must understand this very well. Only when such transformation happens, the bad attributes will be washed away from the mind.

Hence, God, despite having the capability, does not punish. God postpones the punishment till the person attains the sattvic nature. Even if one has attained such saintliness, God punishes. This is because the attitude to commit sin should not arise. This kind of punishment appears tough externally but it involves so much of reasoning filled with compassion. With the efforts of God again and again, human becomes eligible for good births in the future. We must remember this every now and then.

Gradually, the punishments reduce and man tries to attain divinity. This is a very lengthy process and there is no other short cut for this either. Hence, God, out of compassion punishes man for his mistakes only to absolve him of all sins. When man is completely free from sins, he attains godliness. This is the ultimate goal for humans.

Accepting the punishments given by God for our sins is the only best way. Many people blame God for punishing them. They must consider such punishments like blessings. God has mixed both punishments and blessings and created a birth. He gives a break called death in between and further gives another birth. We can take the example of a justice in a court. Just like a man is purified with the punishments given by the justice, he is purified in a similar way when God gives punishments.

We listen to three words very often – Training, Punishment and protection. The one who trains us is giving the punishment and with that we are protected too. God’s way of protection appears initially in the form of punishment. But, we must not blame him. Punishment is a form of compassion. It is the first step. Let this message ring your ears. With the grace of Datta, may you accept the God’s punishments with wisdom! I pray Goddess Basara Saraswathi to bless you.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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