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Srinivasa Kalyanam 49: Conclusion; The different names of the sacred hill Venkatadri

Bhajan: Venkataramana Sankata harana Kinkara pala Govinda

Different puranas have named the Saptagiris differently.

Four yugas have four names. Krite vrushadrim vakshyanti tretayam anjanachalam dwapare sesha shailamtu kalosri venkatachalam namani yuga bhedena shailasyasya bhavantih

From this hymn it is clear that the mountain that Srinivasa lived on was known as Vrushadrim in Krita Yuga, Anjanadri in Treta Yugam, Seshadri in Dwapara yuga and Venkatadri in Kaliyuga.

This mountain is called Chintamani – Because it fulfills the desires of people.

It is Jnanadri – Because, just like Sadguru, this mountain blesses devotees with true knowledge.

It is Teerthadri – Due to its numerous lakes and holy waters,

It is Pushkaradri – Due to a number of pushkara teerthas,

It is Vrushadri- because it is an embodiment of dharma

Vaikunthadri – Since Vaikuntha is its origin,

It is Simhadri or Simhacalam- Since Lord Narasimha incarnated here in order to slay Hiranyakashipu,

Neeladri – Neela resides here

Anjanadri- As Hanuman was born here, it is called called Anjanadri

Venkatadri – Due to the presence of nectar and prosperity, it is known as Venkatadri.

Anandadri – Since it blesses devotees with boundless happiness when with one glance.

Srisailam- Lakshmi and Sri Hari are present here it is called Srisailam

On this hill, Vishnu wanders happily with Lakshmi.

Anandadri- As desired by Varahaswamy, this mountain was brought from Vaikuntha by Lord Garuda.This mountain bestows bliss. If the spiritual aspirant meticulously continues his sadhana, this mountain will bless him/her with bliss.

Garudadri- As it was consecrated by Garuda

Kreedadri – Since the Lord enjoys living on this mountain and strolls around.

This mountain is an embodiment of Vedas; Vedas reside on this mountain; the wings of Garuda are themselves the Vedas.

The mind of the aspirant should be filled with the Lord. Happily he should climb the steps which lead to Him. IN every rock he should see the Lord. His mind should be filled only with thoughts of the Lord. Then, like Garuda he will get the strength to carry the Lord. Then, even if the body becomes heavy and the person feels helpless in climbing the mountain, the Lord himself will ensure we reach the top.

Vrushabhadri: In Treta yuga, a demon called Vrushabhasura worshipped the Lord with great fervor. Vrushabhasura would offer his head as a flower during puja and the head would automatically get attached to his body towards the end of the puja. Such was his devotion!

One day, the Lord appeared and told him to make a wish but due to his demonic tendencies, he wished to fight with the Lord Himself. During the war, Vrishabhasura strength got attenuated and surrendered to the Lord with folded hands once he sensed this he realized that he will be vanquished. He wished for the place to be known after him as Vrishabhadri.

Anjanadri: In treta yuga, the story of a couple kesari and anjana, who were very desirous of bearing offspring changed the name of these hills to Anjanadri. They were unable to have children. Then, Dharma devata, in the form of a soothsayer advises Anjana Devi to perform penance on Vrishabhadri in order to beget a son. Since then, this mountain came to be known as Anjanadri. Devotees continued to pour in and receive blessings. According to another Purana, Anjana performed penance on the banks of Akasha-ganga. She then begot Hanuman as her son. For this reason this hill is called Anjanadri.

Venkatachalam: In Kaliyuga, a youth of very good character named Madhava got married to Chandralekha. However, he went astray and even left his family and wife. He fell for a tribal woman Kuntala began living with her. To take care of her, he committed many sins including murders. Time passed and Kuntala died. Madhava’s past sins made him terribly sick. People started hating him. They would not even give him a few morsels. He struggled even for a sip of water. Then, once when he was in such pitiable condition, Madhava came across a group of pilgrims. Hoping to get some food, he followed them hoping to get some food. Along with them, he started saying Govinda.

Govinda, Govinda, Govinda, Govinda, Govinda..

He climbed the mountain, Anjanadri. Every step he took he chanted the divine name Govinda. This helped completely wash his sins away. As his sins were destroyed, a new glow could be seen on his face. People were perplexed seeing the new glow on his face. When he reached the top, his sins were totally cleansed. The Gods showered flowers on Madhava who had been blessed by Lord Srinivasa. Such is the power of the Lord. Merely by chanting Govinda continuously, his sins were cleansed. Since sins got washed away this way, the place came to be known as Venkatachalam and Srinivasa as Venkateshwara.

There is another meaning to the word Venkata. “Vem” implies sins, “Kata” means destruction. Since this mountain dispels the sins of the devotees it is called Venkatachala. AS the Lord of this mountain, the Lord is called Venkateshwara.

There is another significance contained in the name Venkata:

‘Vem’ is the seed-letter for nectar (amrita beeja). ‘Kata’ means prosperity. As these two, amrita and prosperity co-exist on this mountain the place is called Venkatachalam. When the spiritual aspirant experientially realizes that everything is pervaded by the Lord, nectar and prosperity automatically are under his sway. The vision of the Lord is had when the person incessantly chants the name Venkateshwara!

Narayanadri: A sage by the name of Narayana performed penance to please Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma instructs him to worship Lord Srinivasa who is residing on this hill. After performing penance, sage Narayana was blessed with the Srimannarayana’s presence. Granting him salvation, the Lord renamed the mountain as Narayanadri as it is the name of both the Lord and the sage If we climb this mountain constantly chanting the name of Lord and seeing him in every stone we will be blessed with the strength to carry the Lord, just like Garuda.

When life becomes very difficult to lead, the Lord’s blessings give us strength to weather through such suffering. The final destination is Anandam (bliss). We do not have to travel far and wide for this ananda. We don’t have to go to Vaikuntha. The Lord has sent this piece of heaven for us. Shouldn’t we derive that happiness from this mountain itself? If devotees keen on darshan are diligent in their sadhana, this mountain blesses them with darshan, there is no need to even go to the mountain!

Bhajan: Govinda Sananda

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 48: Lord Srinivasa blesses Tondaman with liberation

Bhajan : Naa DIkku néeve Srinivasa !

Swamy went to  Bhima , a potter’s house . Bhima said, “O Lord I am an ignorant devotee. Yet you have come to my home. There is nothing that I can offer to You.”  Bhima was totally confused and brought several pots with milk. In that confusion he brought some without milk and offered to the Lord. The Lord was smilingly watching him. The potter was dropping the pots due to his trembling hands. His wife Tamalini brought the food that she cooked and offered to Swamy. Such was her innocent devotion. Egoistic people should learn pure love and warmth for God from people like Tamalini . Due to the arrogance that they are learned or that they know the Bhagavad Gita completely, they can never reach God.

Bhima was angry with his wife and her ignorance – How can you offer the rice cooked here to the Lord?.  Meanwhile Srinivasa stretched his hand out and asked her to serve the food she prepared. Seeing this Garuda’s experienced horripilation throughout of body.  Srinivasa never ate even when the greatest Gods and great sages offered food but He was asking for food in the house of an ordinary potter.

Bhima and Tamalini were confused in serving Srinivasa but He was accepting whatever they were offering. They were soaked in bliss that the Lord had accepted food in their home. In that state of happiness they were mistakenly offering one object in place of another to the Lord. Such was their anxiety!

He was immersed In  Love for them and expressed the same and asked them to seek a boon .Srinivasa then said, “I am extremely pleased with your devotion. Enough of this service. Now I will serve you.”

Hethen  meditated on Lakshmi Devi who arrived there instantly. She went thre in all glory of jewels . Srinivasa gave the jewellery of Laksmi to Tamalini and asked her to wear . Srinivasa offered to Bhima a jewel that closely resembled the Kaustubha gem which HE wore and many silken clothes . As they touched them, the messengers of Vishnu arrived there. They went there to take them to Vaikuntha .

Looking at this , TondamAn rushed to the Lord and fell at his feet. He said, “O Lord please excuse me. I have sinned. There are many supreme devotees of yours, I now understand. I am nothing in front of these mighty devotees. O Lord, I have trusted you completely Please bless me too with liberation, which you have granted to Bheema”

Srinivasa replied, “Tondaman, Do you know that there are many citizens in your kingdom who in devotion can be compared to Bheema and his wife? Hence it is wrong to be egoistic. Never compare with others. No two people think alike. NO two hearts merge. Each one has his own opinion and viewpoints. Never hurt others. Never hurt yourself. Be contended with what is earned.

The opinions of no two persons tally despite their having similarities in physique , food habits and other issues. We should be happy with what we have . We have to adjust . We should never question the decision of God comparing with others . Treat happiness and sorrows given by God as a prasadam given by him. Why does the God bless the arrogant? Why has he showered favours upon the wrong-doers? Those who complain that God had given people with no morale , a great blessing and ignored them despite being righteous in life , will be sent to inferno .

There is no doubt that you are my ardent devotee. I will undoubtedly bestow what you want. Tondaman, hand over the kingdom to your son Srinivasa. Give up this body which has become sinful and take up another body.

Do not to be in a hurry to give up the body. Complete to the full life span given to this body. You will then get a good birth and good body. Your worship will then be rendered fruitful. Now even if you work hard the impuritiy will not be cleansed. Complete this life properly. In that birth you will get liberation.” Saying this, Srinuvasa along with Garukmanta flew away.

As per Srinivasa’s instructions, TondamAn reached the holy lake ( pushkarini ) and meditated upon Srinivasa . At the end of his life , Srinivasa manifested and blessed him with a boon of getting the next pious life when he could get liberated .

Twamloke vastu michchami Jaramarana michyate Shrunuyadyaya Pathedbhaktyaya ! KathAm PunyAm PurAtanAm SatubhuktAm Kila kAmAm Anthe Vishnu Padam  Vrajeth

“I want to reside in Vaikunta wherein there is no births and deaths”. Srinivasa blessed Tondaman with this.

Those who rendered this story , listened to it, read it  and those who arranged will in the end go to Vishnu Loka .

Bhajan : Govinda Govinda Govinda Madhava !

This is Srinivasa Kalyanam . This is a Leela . This is the story of His prosperity .

Many scriptures depicted Srinivasa in different ways . Many poets studied and described Srinivasa  in different angles . Swamiji spoke of Srinivasa in the spiritual perspective . There is lot to know about Srinivasa and good to know . It is blissful to know about Srinivasa  and His miracles . We can learn different aspects from different scriptures like VarAha Puranam , Padma Puranam , Garuda Puranam , VAmana Puranam , SKANDA PurAnam, Aditya Puranam , Bhavishyottara PurAnAm Brahmottara PurAnam .

Various pandits had written the miracles of Srinivasa in different ways . Srinivasa manifested in different places. The 8 most important places where He manifested are Srirangam , SrivushnM, Venkatadri, SAlagramam , Naimisham , Totradinpushkaram, NArayana Ashramam,

To the self-manifested Lord there are PANCHA Avataras (5 incarnations).

Para swaroopa – This is the original Swarupa of Vaikuntha. Residents of Vaikuntha worship HIm in this form.

Vyuha Swarupam – The manifestation taken based on the worship of devotees. In this form He does creation

Vibhava Swarupam – This manifestation speaks of the ten Avataras of Vishnu  and their prosperity .

This form is seen by a Jeevi when Karma was being experienced

Antaryami rupam – When the individual entity experiences the states of heaven and hell; when he experinces the results of his past fruitive activities this form is visible, Through mitra dharma, this form which can be witnessed only by Yogis . In the heart of the disciple , Narayana remains in the size of a thumb  in the heart-space . He remains as a witness and is not affected by impurities of the individual entity.

Archavataram: Idols of the Lord made in metal, wood and mud . The priests are all worshipping the Archana Murthy. He accepts the offerings and worship made. In Tirumala in the form of Archana murthy the Lord remains as a Salagrama idol.


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Srinivasa Kalyanam 47: Tondaman’s worship to Lord Srinivasa

The discourse consists of the Puja procedures practised by TondamAn Raja , the way He surrendered and various methods of devotion that are found in devotees. There are different pious places where Gods and Goddesses manifested in various forms .

TondamAn felt sad that Srinivasa was angry with them and hence he wanted to pray Him. All the sages like Angeerasa advised TondamAn to pray Srinivasa with Tulasi bunches which are His favourite . TondamAn , since he was the king , decided to worship with golden Tulasi bunches . Despite worshipping with golden Tulasi bunches , Srinivasa was not impressed with TondamAn. Tondaman was egoistic and continued to worship with golden tulasi leaves.

Tondaman did not give up worship knowing that the Lord was unimpressed with him. He continued stubbornly. Then, Srinivasa addressed him and said, “Tondaman, I have many devotees. Give up the false ego that you are my only devotee. Moreover your mistake was actually unpardonable”.

TondamAn said, “O Lord even if you search minutely in all the three planes of existence you will never find a devotee who is more dear than me”.This was yet another mistake caused due to arrogance.

Many devotees have this wrong nothing that he/she is the best devotee. He/she can never make a mistake, whatever he does only is the correct method. There will be no other devotee like them in the world. This ego would be deeply filled in them.

Tondaman continued, “I am the foremost among all your devotees. I am the foremost among the persons who have received your compassion”  In reality, this compassion from God was the reason for him to become egoistic. The Lord stopped speaking.

Though egoistic, TondamAn worshipped with utmost devotion. HIs arrogance did not recede. One day , TondamAn worshipped with Golden Tulasi leaves. To his surprise he saw that the golden leaves offered by him were falling to one side. on the Lord’s feet there were tulasi (basil) leaves made from clay.  Time and again as he was worshipping with golden ones , they were disappearing but to his surpise Tulasi made of clay appeared in their place.

Tondaman got scared whether Srinivasa was unhappy with his worship. His ego also came down. He decided that Swamy was not accepting his worship and that he was not happy with him. He started crying holding His feet and started pleading

Bhajan : Ehi Srinivasa ! Pahi Venkatesha !

Srinivasa’s heart melted. He who is the father became very compassionate. From the statue itself said that He had many devotees who are very dear to him. These devotees consider Him to be everything. TondamAn was not the only devotee of the Lord.

He mentioned about a staunch devotee who was a potter called Bhima . He treated a tree in his house as his Lord Srinivasa and worshipped with Tulasi bunches made of mud with utmost diligence . Srinivasa was very much pleased and blessed him. The tualsi leaves offered by Him are now seen at my feet. Go and meet this potter. Learn from him what true devotion is.

From there Tondaman immediately walked to the potter’s home. The entire street was filled with devotees of the Lord. From every home the Lord’s names were being chanted. All of them had adorned the Lord’s sacred mark on their forehead. Tondaman was stunned. He enquired the address of Bhima, the potter, and finally located the house,

The house was an epitome of cleanliness and purity. It was conducive for meditation. Tondaman, in tiredness, collapsed at the place. Tondaman was enquiring from everyone, “Who is Bheema? I seek to hold his feet and learn from him about devotion”.

From that house a man hurriedly came out. He was Bheema. He thought, “Why is the king at my doorstep? Why is he asking for me? What is wrong with him?”

He immediately sprinkled water on the king. King Tondaman opened his eyes. The king recovered and enquired, “Bheema who taught you this procedure for worshipping the Lord? What is the procedure you follow at home? The leaves that you offer here in your home are appearing on the Lord’s feet. How is this possible? Please explain to me in detail.”

Bheema said, “O King! Please tell me who has informed you of this secret. Without taking offence kindly tell this to me.”

The king replied the Lord Srinivasa himself revealed the secret. Bheema then said, “O King, no one has taught me this puja procedure. I perform the puja based on my firm belief and conviction. Thats all. I am so pleased with your arrival here today. The king himself has come to my house.

Seeing you here today some old memories come to me. Previously Lord Srinivasa gave me some boons. He said, “O Bheema, the moment your devotion becomes well-known causing King Tondaman to come to your doorstep, you will be blessed with liberation”.

Meanwhile Srinivasa who was seated on vehicle Garuda manifested in that home. He asked Garuda to call Bheema. Garuda brought Bheema near the Lord. In great astonishment and bliss offered prostration to the Lord. His eyes were filled with tears. He asked his wife to offer obeisance. His mind was blank. HE was speechless. He kept staring at the Lord with no thoughts.


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Srinivasa Kalyanam 46: Srinivasa explains to Lakshmi his plan of repaying the loan to Kubera

Bhajan : KshamaswAparAdham Maha Lakshmi Devi !

Bhrigu Maharshi prayed to Lakshmi to pardon his mistake . Lakshmi immediately excused and said that it was like the Leela played by Narayana . There was no point in Bhrigu’s hitting Narayana,

She herself feeling insulted and came down to the earth. This caused Srinivasa to leave Vaikuntha . This was all created by Narayana . Narayana tests everyone and also Himself . He punishes others ,and verifies whether it really pained or not by giving Himself the same punishment .

Lakshmi Devi reached the left side of Srihari. Celestials felt happy. Gods and great sages can foresee the upcoming dangers or events but they do not tell anyone . They might ask to stop the hazard. Mahatmas never directly inform of the future difficulties. Had Narayana hinted Lakshmi about the arrival and the deed that was going to be performed by Bhrigu Maharshi , Lakshmi would have either kept quite unaffected with the insult or fought with him. That is why Srinivasa planned everything .

Srinivasa along with Srilakshmi reached Tirumala. This itself is Vaikuntha. Vakula Mata received them both warmly. Padmavati offered harati to them both. Srinivasa took Lakshmi aside and informed her about His loan taken from Kubera and asked how He should repay . Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, said that they can repay immediately. She asked him to call Kubera so that they can complete the transaction immediately.

But Srinivasa said, “Lakshmi, I will reveal a profound secret to you. I have taken loan in the name of marriage. In this Kali yuga, we have to behave just as the people behave during this period. During Rama incarnation he enacted like a human being. Exactly in the same pattern, during Kali yuga, I have to enact like a human being. In order to destroy Kali purusha, the presiding deity of Kali yuga and to offer respite to his devotees during this period I have to enact a drama.

I want to educate people the righteousness and unrighteousness. I want to teach them devotion. I intend to stay back for that reason. In Kali Yuga , people are not clean hearted. They pray only to fulfill their wishes . People are very selfish. They pray only for fulfillment of selfish desires. Once wish is fulfilled , they forget God .

People pray for wealth, health, power and peace only till their desire is fulfilled. Once their desire is fulfilled, they forget devotion. Based on their devotion and eligibility I will reward them. As soon as they think of me, I will destroy their difficulties.. I want to remain here to protect them from the difficulties vases due to Kali. I will stay in Tirumala till end of Kali yuga and help my difficulties. My devotees need my help during this period of Kali.” Lakshmi said, “O compassionate Lord! no one understands the depth of compassion you have. Please tell me how you plan to repay the loan. I am worried about the loan.”

Srinivasa said ” Devi ! For people of kaliyuga, only money is important . They are willing to stoop down to any extent for the sake of money like killing their own people . They will kill their parents, king, relatives or even themselves for earning money. They will unhesitatingly cheat, tell lies, engage in unrighteous activities for earning wealth. All these sins attach to them. In form of ill health and difficulties their sins will torment them. Time will ensure that they pay for their sinful deeds.

In the times of utmost difficulty and ill-health , they will seek refuge in me. they will pray and promise to offer me money and gold if their problems are resolved. In the form of money and collections, I will actually be sucking their sins. What they offer to me is actually their sins. I will draw them close to me. I give them difficulties and dispel difficulties and in this process ensure that they remain close to me” .

Lakshmi felt bad. Tears filled her eyes seeing his compassion towards his devotees. She asked whether it was good to take such sinful money .

Srinivasa said, “here lies the secret. To those to pray to me for money, I will offer the money received from the sinners.  The money offered by virtuous people I will use towards interest repayment to Kubera while retaining a little with myself.  The invisible energy which exists in sinful money I will keep distributing it in this manner”.

Lakshmi asked why He was telling all the secrets to her alone . She asked what her role was in this situation . As she questioned directly , Srinivasa answered that she should bestow those devotees who think , speak and worship Srinivasa with abundant money without a second thought . If they are blessed with riches , they will keep doing good deeds . Lakshmi should pour down money to such people without any discretion. They should be soaked in wealth. Without even thinking whether they are good people or bad, money should be poured into their coffers.

Lakshmi Devi was stunned. She thougght, “My Lord is not asking money to repay his loan. He wants to see his devotees rich. He gives such importance to his devotees”. She was shocked. Tears filled her eyes.She then asked, “promise me that due to the arrogance due to money and riches, they should not do any bad deeds” .

Srinivasa said, “My words will never be untrue’. All the sins of any person who steps into Triumala will be washed off completely. If he engages in any charitable deeds on this sacred hill, his merit will multiply by ten times. If he worships me, all forms of auspiciousness will come to him. Hence there is no danger if you make people rich . As you give money , I take drag them towards me . He cannot escape from my grip. He has to pray to me and make offerings to me. He will get purified. HIs troubles will be dispelled. From the pious offerings I shall accept a tiny share and use the rest for loan repayment. They should keep up their words and promise . Only I know which money is righteous and sinful. How will those who count the money understand my accounting principles? How can those who steal money during the process of counting understand it? I shall collect from these people again in different form.

Once He surrenders , I will bless them . This is the secret of the loan taken. Now tell me, did I take the loan for my personal benefit?”

Lakshmi realized the purpose behind the secret of loan and prayed to Srinivasa .

Murisipotunnavu Merisipotunnavu Ananda Jyothivai O Venkatsha ! Having thoroughly understood Srinivasa’s concern for devotees and His trials to protect them from Kali Purusha, Lakshmi Devi stayed back on His chest

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Srinivasa Kalyanam 45: Srinivasa decides to remain as a Salagrama idol on the hill

Manninchi Karuninchu O Madhava !!

Srinivasa felt happy that TondamAn Raja , Padmavathi’s brother and all others were happy , including Padmavathi .

People were also happy . But what about His contribution for His physical struggle and effort in the war ? Srinivasa was thinking of His benefit. Srinivasa demanded some share for all his efforts in the war.

Both Tondaman and Vasdhana was perplexed and shocked. Immediately they recovered from the shock. TondamAn said ,” Swamy ! This is all ( kingdom ) given by you . This is all yours ! Kindly take everything “. Vasudhana also reciprocated the same message.

Srinivasa asked them to discuss amongst themselves and come up with a proper solution. They offered 32 villages to Srinivasa. Srinivasa happily accepted this gift. He blessed them and then together with Padmavaty went back to Seshachalam .

After some time when observed , people had become very manipulative. No righteousness . No values ! Men behaved like women while women behaved like men. People had lost fear of dharma. They had no reverence towards elders and Gurus. I have to increase devotion and dedication towards dharma in them all. However if I act directly in person no one will believe me.

He wanted to do it indirectly. Srinivasa decided to remain as a salagrama, as an idol on the hill and wanted to teach dharma to everyone . I will become black idol in Kaliyuga and complete this task . Seeing my idol, people will be afraid. Devotion will increase in them. I will take on a black form so that Kali will fear me. I will be a Salagrama idol. Righteousness will remain at least to some extent. Good people will try to convert others too devotional .

Seeing the dark idol, sometimes people get terrified. the Kali which exists in people will get terrified.

In each scripture, the Tattva appears to be differently stated . When they are all properly understood, the message is clear to us. Padma puranam reveals perfect content . ‘Why is Srinivasa idol always black in colour?’- This question has a deep spiritual significance. To explain its essence, many days are needed.

After deciding to remain like a statue , Srinivasa approached sage Shuka . There is a Padma lake nearby. Srinivasa sat on the banks of the lake and meditated upon wind-god. Srinivasa instructed Wind-god to consecrate one thousand pettaled lotus (sahasra daLa padma) in the lake nearyby . Looking at that lotus, Srinivasa went into meditation , focusing on SriLakshmi .

At that time Lakshmi Devi was in nether world (PatAla) staying in sage Kapila’s Ashrama. Sage Kapila was serving Her while she was in penance. Lakshmi Devi went to PataLa for more privacy, she shifted from Karaveerapuram .

Lakshmi Devi asked sage Kapila ” Why is Srinivasa , the God, doing penance ? I am not able to concentrate on my penance. I am getting disturbed . I was really annoyed with Him and came here . But why did I get angry with Him when He married Padmavathi ? When He is supposed to oblige the whole universe. why not that royal woman Padmavathi ?

With an egoistic feeling that Swamy would call me again if I stay in Karaveeravam Puram, I came to this nether region thinking that He cannot trace me here, However in reality, all planes are under his control. It is He who created all the 14 planes of existence . How ignorant am I ? Why did I think that He will not locate me if I am so far away? I am so foolsih. From Karaveeravam Puram atleast He sent a word but now He is pulling me by diverting my penance. Foolishly I was arrogant. O sage Kapila ! Guide me . What is it that I should do now?”

Sage Kapila said” Srinivasa is doing penance to call you. Remember that Srinivasa does not belong to anyone. He is not for Lakshmi alone since Swamy belongs to everyone . In fact Swamy Himself declares that he does not belong to Himself also. There is none equal to him”.

“I am on par with me alone” said Srinivasa . If He is calling you , it is with a resolve that He is doing . O Lakshmi ! You are in His heart ! It is you who brought Him on to the earth. Never be away from Him. Go to Srinivasa” said the sage .

Lakshmi took leave of the sage and appeared on the lotus flower in the lake which was consecrated.

All the celestials felt very happy . They showered flowers upon her. Brahma appeared there and requested her, to relocate back into His heart and stay with Srinivasa . Bhrigu Maharshi went to Lakshmi running and asked to excuse Him for his wrong deed of hitting on the chest of Narayana .

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