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Srinivasa Kalyanam 1: Introduction.

Jaya Guru Datta! Sri Maha Ganapataye Namah! Sri Saraswatyai Namah! Sri Pada Vallabha Narasimha Saraswati Sri Guru Dattatreyaya Namah! Om Namo Venkatesaya!

It is our fortune and the result of our satkarma that we are blessed to have a discourse. There are the Bhagavata, Srinivasa Kalyanam, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Morals – these are all worth listening to,  thousands of times. We have to take many births just to listen to them. One life time is not sufficient. The tattva of “ who am I ? Who are you? Whether I am in you and you are in me and whether both of us are one and the same” are always discussed in our minds. Whoever experiences that “oneness” can experience the divinity of the Lord. That is the spirit of the story, Bahgavata. This is not a story indeed. It removes our sorrow. Through the story of the Lord Krishna , Bhagavata teaches the spiritual philosophy.  Instead of saying that we are listening to the story of Lord Krishna, we should feel that we are listening to our own story and search for our position or place in that story and ponder over it. We should see to our presence / existence in that story. We have to think and search for the page in which we can see ourselves. Such divine mythology which teaches us the divine tattva is Srinivasa kalyanam. The unison of Mind and Intellect is Kalyanam.

Listening to Srinivasa Kalyanam washes away our Arishadvargas with the water of river Ganges which is present in ourselves. By listening to this discourse of Bhagavata,  all negative  vibrations in our mind get washed away. To drive away our ignorance, Lord Srinivasa takes pains  and struggles to act ignorant. He merges with  us and makes us understand our own ignorance or defects to teach us the life lessons.By showing us in the mirror, He preaches us how we look and what our Tattva is. Again we are keeping the mirror aside. That mirror remains as mirror itself. The one who exists there is Paramatma only. Paramatma, in the form of a mirror, is showing us our image. Finally He makes us understand our own nature. It is like a morror reflection. We the ignorants are neglecting it as a mere mirror. We consider the image formation in the mirror as the result of the mercury present behind. That energy alone is Paramatma. Such  divine energy,which is seen but not to be seen, which seems to be useful but really not useful, seems tasty but not really tasty, yet reflects everywhere and in everything in invisible form is Paramatma.  Your face itself is Paramatma’s face. We say it is  our face which is an ignorance. . The one which erases that feeling is the flow of stories. Today we are entering into such flow of stories.

Bhajan: Sreekara Dhekara Sri ganapati Devara !
Bhaya Hara! Jaya kara !Lambodara kavara !

Is God there? If so where is He? For those who question this way, there is no necessity of telling them the scriptures, Upanishad, Tarka, Shastra.  and Puranas. No need to show witness. No need to prove, no need to have any hot discussion.We need not try to be victorious over such people.We need not argue with them in a stubborn way. We need not answer their questions which have really no answers,  For all such people, we can show the Tirupati Hills with our  raised hands. If we narrate the story that happened in reality ,  they will be inclined to believe. We are witnessing with our own eyes the glory of Lord Venkateswara.  Unnecessarily we speak of God for petty things for things that cannot  be performed by human beings. When some miracle that cannot be performed by human being takes  place ,  we say that God is there. But we fail to prove. But Tirumala is a proof for the existence of God.  We find the ever shining  Sun like Lord Venkateshawara.

Those who name it as a statue are fools.Just recollect the glory of our Datta Venkateswara. Everyday, the ambiance reverberates with Veda and nada.  The ever  glowing idol that is well decked Murthy is Venkateshwara alone. He is  the manifestation of God, God manisfested on Tirumala. Every one experiences His power and divinity.. Lord Venkateswara with His glow and divinty is unparalelled. He appears when we close our eyes and prays Him. He is Pratyaksha Daivam. Directly appeared God on this eartn. We can witness with our eyes. He is such Paramatma. Everyone  experiences the grace of Lord Venkateswara. The Lord’s experiences make us more curious and interested  to listen to more and more. But we cannot narrate to the full extent.  

Who is Lord Venkateshwara? What about His Tattva? We have to explain the Tattva of the Lord to the lay man . . If anyone asks what the Murthy is and what the mountain is .and why  are there seven hills ? We will have to narrate Lord’s miracles. Your job is not completed if you climb the seven hills and have darhsan. Your job is not completed if you say, after praying for a long time, the daughter finally got married. They are not miracles.  We need to tell everyone that  material achievements are not miracles of the Lord.He is Govinda. He is the direct God.  We have to tell that the Lord is our  protector. He is that Parabrahma who is present in Upanishads.

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