Do not waste food or other resources

Milk and all other ingredients offered tonight to Shiva during abhishekam are collected and without even the slightest wastage they are distributed among all devotees. Only pure water is allowed to flow to the ground so as to increase the ground water. Even a tiny leaf offered to Shiva here is not wasted. It is precious and is used as such.

In ashram there is no wastage of resources. The vegetables and fruits that remain after feeding birds and deer are used to make compost manure. Special provision has been made for diverting kitchen water for proper use. Government is banning use of plastic. The same has already been implemented in Mysore ashram. Devotees should pledge not to use plastic. Pledge to use only recyclable items. At home pledge not to waste rice, pulses and vegetables. Find some methods by which they can be put to use. Throwing food in dustbin is wrong. It is sinful. At least use this left-over food to feed insects and birds. 

Make this pledge right way. “We pledge not to use non-recyclable plastic. We pledge not to waste food’. Plastic does not dissolve in soil. When animals eat plastic and fall sick, that sin transfers to us. Non-recyclable plastic is the real problem. Make sure that the recyclable plastic has been re-used properly. If we all sincerely abide by our pledge, our country will prosper. Our cows will be healthy and will live long. Today, instead of infusing life into these animals we are killing them by carelessly using plastic.

— Shivaratri 2016 speech

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