Shatashloki 53: Rama pledges to destroy the demons

Pratijñāta śca rāmeṇa vadha ssaṃyati rakṣasām

ŗṣīṇā magnikalpānāṃ danḍakāraṇya vāsinām.

Meaning – Rama promised these supreme ascetics, who were glowing like fire, that he would kill the demons and give them relief.


The prayers of these eminent sages touched the heart of Lord Rama. By observing the heaps of bones, he could assess the might of the demons. He realized that he had to exercise the greatest caution and vigilance in the matter pertaining to demons.

The sages had said that he was their king and protector. They even opined that he was the Lord himself. The demon Viradha, when leaving for his heavenly abode, had praised Rama and said that, in might and strength, he was at par with Lord Indra and that he was the Lord of this entire universe. He had even begged Rama to bless him by accepting all his tapo balam (power of penance). Maharishi Agastya had addressed him as the Lord of the entire creation and handed over to him all the weapons.

To visit our elders and to seek their blessings is a tradition (achara), and a way of showing our respect towards them. Everyone should put this into practice. This increases longevity. It is mandatory to stand up and receive our elders when they visit us.

In this case, aged, eminent and revered sages had approached Rama and begged him to save them. Rama was embarrassed that great saints, who shower their blessings upon the entire world, were approaching and beseeching him to save them. Immediately he fell on their feet and offered his prostrations and said, “Please forgive me. I will kill all these asuras and rākṣasās who are troubling you. I will protect you. Why do you have to beg of me for this? You can just order me and I will act in accordance to it. No doubt I came here to fulfill my father’s promise. But my duties do not end with it. To punish the wicked and protect the pious is my dharma. Hence I will surely fulfill your desire. By killing these demons, I will be blessed with a wonderful result. It is a divine secret. Please remain calm. There will be no obstacle for your yagnas and yaagas. From now on, you will witness the anxiety and fear in demons. You will see them running for their lives”.

In a profound deep voice, Rama continued, “O Great sages. From now on you will see my strength and the valour of my brother Lakshmana. I vow to free these forests from demons”.

Later on, explaining to Sita, Rama said, “I will fulfill my promise during my lifetime. Sita, you know of my satyavrata (vow of truthfulness). You are aware that I do not go against my word. Moreover, in this case, it is these eminent and revered saints who asked for my help. I have given them my word. I will never go back on it. Even if they had not begged of me for help, I would have protected them. It is my dharma”.


Om Seeta Ramabhyaam namaha.


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