Shatashloki 59: Ravana along with Marica arrive near Rama’s cottage

Anadŗtya tu tadvākyaṃ rāvaṇaḥ kālacodita

Jagāma saha mārīcaḥ tasyāśramapadam tadā.

Meaning– As death was hovering over Ravana, he did not listen to the advice given by Marīca. Taking Marīca along with him, he arrived at the cottage of Rama.


In this hymn, the words Anādŗtya and Kālacoditah are very important. When death is imminent and fall is certain, the person fails to listen to good advice given. Not listening to the good advice given is itself the root for all bad results.

Ravana was deeply angered and vexed with Marīca who was giving him unasked advice. He screamed, “Why are you speaking meaningless words, Marīca? Are you trying to scare me from facing that tiny Rama, who without any reason killed your own mother? He impudently chopped off the nose and ears of my sister Soorphanaka. Listening to the words of a woman, he is a fool who has forsaken his country, his family, his kith and kin and has come away into the forests.  Moreover, he has killed my Khara, Dooshana and Trishiras. Therefore, I am going to abduct Rama’s wife Seeta, who is dearer to him than his own life. It is impossible for me to change my decision. I will not listen to anyone. I am the king. I will do whatever I please. I never asked you for opinion.

The king has to be respected at all times. Any news, good or bad, should be given to him in all humility, that too only upon being asked. You do not know the Raja dharma. Out of sheer ignorance you have the audacity to speak harshly to me, the king, when he comes to your doorstep. You insult me.

At least it will be appropriate if you listen to me now. Act in accordance to my wishes. In it lies your welfare. When I, the greatest emperor, come to your doorstep seeking help, how can you dare to rebuke and advise me? If you are inefficient and incapable for completing the task assigned to you, say so.

I want you to turn into a golden deer having silver spots all over the body. You should roam in the vicinity of their cottage. Make sure that you are visible to Seeta. This is all that I ask. Your actions should be such that Seeta will be tempted to own you. She should be surprised and carried away by your beauty. If you do per my bidding, I will give you half of my kingdom.

I have to possess Seeta. Until then, this mind of mine will not be peaceful. Acquiring her is my goal. It is my only objective in life. I will not listen to any advice that is contrary to this.

This is your king’s order. If you do not listen, I will kill you now itself. The one who disobeys a king, can never ever be happy. Rama perhaps may spare you, but I, Ravana the king, will not let you remain alive. Think and answer”.

Marīca said, “Ravana, it is now very clear that someone does not seek your welfare. He is seeking to eliminate you. He wants you to meet your end in the hands of Rama. Therefore, he is making you pierce your own eye. My words, that were meant for your welfare, are not reaching your head. Anyway, what can I say to one whose life is coming to an end? I will follow and act according to your wants”.

In his mind Marīca reflected, “When it is certain that I should die, it is better to die in the hands of the great meritorious Rama, rather than to meet death in the hands of this demon Ravana. To be killed by Ravana means I attain hell and also another birth as a demon. Being killed by Rama will help me attain salvation”.

Thrilled with Marīca’s decision, Ravana hugged Marīca and took him along in the chariot driven by mules. Seeing the chariot driven by mules, Marīca was sure of his impending death.

They began the journey in the chariot. They crossed many mountains, rivers, ponds and kingdoms and finally reached Dandakaranya. Ravana got off the chariot and said to Marīca, “My dear friend, we have now arrived near Rama’s cottage. At the earliest, we should complete the task for which we have come here”.

Marīca immediately turned into a golden deer and began to hop in the vicinity of the cottage, waiting for Seeta to notice him.


Om Seeta Ramabhayaam namaha.

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