Shatashloki After meeting Sage Bharadwaja, Rama, Lakshmana and Seeta arrive in Chitrakūṭa

Chitrakūṭa manuprāpya bharadvājasya śāsanāt

Ramyamāvasathamṃ kŗthvā rāmamāṇā vanetraya

Meaning- Based on the directions given by Sage Bharadwaja, Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana reached Chitrakūṭa. Constructing a comfortable hut, they began to live happily there.

The hermitage that they had spotted near the confluence of Rivers Ganga and Yamuna was that of venerable Sage Bharadwaja. By the time they entered the precincts of the hermitage, it was sunset time.  The animals of the ashram, terrified at the entry of these strangers, hurriedly ran towards Sage Bharadwaja who was immersed in conducting a homa. With the intention of securing the blessings of this great sage, Rama, Lakshmana and Seeta patiently waited near the homa place.

Immediately upon completion of the fire ritual, the revered sage noticed their arrival.  Rama, Seeta and Lakshmana prostrated before the sage. In turn, the sage welcomed them warmly and offered them various kinds of fruits.

Rama introduced himself as the son of Dasharatha and explained to the sage all the events that took place in Ayodhya. Sage Bharadwaja said, “Rama, its been a very long time since I have seen you. I had already heard about your exile. I know that your banishment is totally unjust and unreasonable. Anyway, never mind. This is a very holy and pious place. You could live here for this entire period of 14 years”.

Rama replied, “O Sage, this place is very near to Ayodhya. I fear that many persons may start arriving here intentionally to see us. This will create a huge hindrance to your peaceful ashram life. Hence I do not wish to stay here. Please suggest a place where we can live peacefully. It should have the basic comforts”.

Sage Bharadwaja said, “Rama, exactly at a distance of 10 kroshas there is a mountain by name Chitrakuta. It will be an ideal for your residence”.

Having rested there that night, they took leave of the sage. He then said, “Rama, surely Seeta will find great delight in Chitrakuta”. The sage also detailed the various types of birds, animals and the bountiful nature that they would find at Chitrakuta”.

Offering prostrations to the sage, they crossed the River Yamuna and then proceeded towards Chitrakuta. At night, they halted in the forest and the following morning they reached Chitrakuta. Seeing the River Mandakini flowing there in full force, they were delighted. They came to know that Maharishi Valmiki lived in that vicinity. They met the sage and took his blessings. Thereafter Lakshmana, upon instructions from Rama, got busy in building a hut for their residence. He brought timber and other required materials from the forests, and selecting a suitable place that was at a height, constructed a thatched hut in accordance with the rules of Vastu shastra. He also constructed a suitable area for the performance of yagnas, as Rama enjoyed daily performance of yagnas.  A boundary was built around the hut for protection against wild animals. Rama, Seeta and Lakshmana enjoyed their stay in this Chitrakuta.


Om Seeta Raamaabhyaam namaha.

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