Guru-Gita 2: Introduction … contd.

Endless desires are churned out by the mind every minute. It is possible that we would have forgotten some of our earlier desires. If all the desires are scrutinized deeply, then we can decipher that desires fall under 3 main categories.

  1. At all times and in all situations I should always be superior to everyone else.

‘I am great. I am the wealthiest person. What I speak is always correct. I know everything. Everyone should listen and abide by what I order. My words are irrefutable’- every person entertains such ego.

  1. I should know everything.

‘How is it possible that I didn’t know about it? Why was I not informed?’- people often question in this manner.

  1. I should eternally be blissful and happy.

‘I should always be happy. I can harm others but yet everyone should treat me with love. They should honour and respect me. I however will not care for others. I shall not respect anyone. I will not obey their commands’.


If all the trillions of desires entertained by every human are scrutinized, they necessarily fall under these 3 categories!

When we go back and scrutinize history in detail, we notice the struggle undergone by people of all ages and at every step of life to fulfill these 3 categories of desires. In fact these 3 requirements can be called the foundation for all desires.

Now, we accept that these 3 are the foundations for all desires. We then ask- ‘has there been any person who has ever been able to successfully fulfill these 3 types of desires?’ To understand this, it is essential for us to understand our ancient tradition of the saints. When we analyze this deeply, we understand that this was the goal behind all our traditions (sampradaya) that has been coming down the ages!

How was it possible for our great seers to imbibe such valuable understanding when it was beyond the reach of other mortals? To this we can confidently say that they obtained it due to tradition of the Guru, which has no beginning, which they sincerely abided by.

In our tradition even children are aware of the word ‘Guru’. Yet, strangely even those who have mastered the most sacred scriptures are unaware of the true meaning behind the word ‘Guru’.

Even though it is seemingly common word, the hidden significance of this word is unknown to most people.

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