Jul 29 2012

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Action should be virtuous ~ 29 July 2012

Nandana SGS MMS 60

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  1. puttugam

    July 29th : Action should be virtuous

    His Holiness combines the principles of Devi Bhramarambika and a powerful sanskrit expression – ‘Ishtam dharmena yojayet’, blends them with Dr L Subramaniam’s enchanting violin and meaningful visuals, to make this MMS a truly reflective experience.

    Devi Bhramarambika is the consort of Lord Mallikarjuna ( Shiva ) in the temple town of Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh, India. According to ancient legend, a demon named Arunasura performed strict austerities and very deep penance, which pleased Lord Brahma. So Brahma gifted him a boon of not being killed by any living entity with two or four legs. With the boon as his protection, Arunasura went around creating trouble in all worlds. The devas could not defeat him at all. Finally, they reached Goddess Durga and prayed for her compassion. The Divine Mother unleashed thousands of six legged bees from her body, which stung the demon to death.

    When Arunasura chose actions that were virtuous, were righteous, he earned his protection. When he chose actions that were far away from the path of righteousness, he earned his destruction. Once you have performed an action, you have to face the consequences. So, think before you act. Think when the action is still a ‘desired action’. Check if that ‘desired action’ is virtuous. If it is virtuous, it is worth doing. So, our Gurudeva commands – “A desired action should also be virtuous”.

    A criminal uses a knife.. he wants to kill. A surgeon uses a knife.. he wants to heal. What one chooses to do is driven by, is determined by – his ishta – his wants and desires. Therefore, one must think if that ishta is also virtuous. Which is why our Gurudeva further reiterates “Ishtam dharmena yojayet” – meaning – your desires (ishtam) should be associated (yojayet) with virtuousness ( dharma).

    ‘Ishtam dharmena yojayet’ can also be seen as ‘associating (yojayet) loved ones (ishtam) with dharma’. This is what our Sathguru has been doing in this Avatara. We are blessed to be among His ‘loved ones’. Let’s follow our Master so that our actions bloom like the flowers seen in the animation. Every moment is then as enchanting as the music ( Album: Music of the Mystics – Track 2 ) in this MMS. To follow Him is to follow His words. When we do that, we will enjoy the blessings of Devi Swaroopa Sri Swamiji and not the stinging of a thousand bees !
    Jaya Guru Datta ! Your Puttiji.

  2. Mukund Mohan

    Jai Guru Datta Appaji !!

    Devi Swaroopa Appaji’s eyes all the time watching, guiding and thereby directing our desired actions to be Virtuous.
    Sri Gur Datta Appaji !!

  3. Dr. satyanarayana,sgs hospital,Mysore

    The puttugams love knows no bounds.

  4. Chakravarthy Terlapu

    Jaya Guru Hanuman, The openeing sequence reminded me of Sri Swamiji’s quote ‘Always remember that there is someone who is constantly watching your actions’. The opening visual shows that the whole universe is constantly watched and protected by mother goddess. We alone are responsible for our actions and no one else. When we are facing bad karma we tend to blame god or others. Sri Swamiji has always said that no one else is responsible and we alone are the sole cause. Once we accept this we can avoid the confusion and become calm during difficult times. A mahatma said “What we are today is the result of our own past actions; whatever we wish to be in future depends on our present actions; so decide how you have to act now”. Whatever we are doing in the present is paving the way of our future. The best way to act in present and pave a good future is shown by Sri Swmaiji in the message. The source of all our desires/action is thought:

    thoughts –> desires –> actions

    For the actions to be virtuous our thoughts and desires should be virtous. Every thought or desire should be discriminated and only virtuous ones should be acted upon discarding the bad ones. Sri Swamiji says that Satsang and repition of god’s name can help us walk on the virous path. Let us pray to Sri Swamiji to bless us with firm discrimination and satsang.

    Humble prostrations to the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji who is the personification of dharma.

    Om namo hanumate namaha

  5. Shanthi Anupindi

    Jaya Guru Deva Datta! Dear Puttuji, Thanks a Million for this explanation of today’s MMS ‘A Desired action should also be virtuous’. Prior to reading this deep inner meaning I was having hardtime trying to comprehend or interpret the saying (my ignorance, of course). It is amazing to see how Puttuji has clearly given the true essence by referring to the visuals and the mantra used in the video, showing us the relevance! It is truly awesome. Definitely yet another message by Pujya Appaji that need to be cherished and remembered in every moment of our lives.

  6. dariashakti

    Jaya Guru Datta, Swamiji, I love the close up of the Devi’s eyes in this picture. As you have been saying someone is always watching,For me, that is a reminder that we are never alone, that She and you are always with us no matter where we are or what we are doing. We are always living, breathing and swimming in an ocean of Divine Love.

    Jaya Guru Datta for once again bringing us Brahmari and the story of the bees…Our bees are in such danger on this planet, Appaji, and without them we won’t have food….Thank heavens in her mercy that one of Durga’s promises in the Devi Mahatmaya is that she will bring us food from her body when drought and famine come….May She not have to do that, may we do the virtuous thing in relationship to our world and our environment as well as with each other…

    As I pondered this message, I was also reminded of a lesson I once had that I had forgotten and am ever so grateful to Swamiji for the reminder since I know I have lost sight of this advice… I was once taught in any situation where you think you “should” act, buy, speak, etc…you should ask yourself three questions:

    1. Do I absolutely need to do, say, act, buy in this way or do I just want to do it?
    2. Is now the right time for the people involved, things or places involved for my actions?
    3. Is it the right time for me to act, even if its the right time for others involved.

    If the answer is no to any of the above questions, don’t act….
    Om Namo Hanumate Namaha!

  7. Savitri

    Actions begin in the thought. When I plan something, I must think about it. When I am honest with me and when I think really, then I can plan good actions. I have studied long enough that I would know, what is virtuous, but I mus also do it. When too much ego is here, it can be difficult to see the reality, but whe I hear in my inner and ask in my inner Swamiji, I can find a good answer. But life is not easy, there are also situations, where it is really difficult to find the best way. But then I know that I don’t know really and ask Swamiji, that he treats me in this subject. Then I learn what I have to do in difficult situations.

  8. Om Maatree Namah
    Om Bhramaraambikaayai Namah

    I feel our Sadguru is like a sculpture, through each Nandana MMS message, is making a stroke in the direction to remove bad traits from us, like knocking off the unwanted material from the rock in the process of making it a perfect Master Piece.
    The Mridagam music in today’s message made me feel like receiving those vibrations from the chisel.
    Our Sadguru is passing us the energy and the direction in which it needs to be used, it is up to ourselves to use that energy and guidance and put our effort to knock off the undesired qualities from ourselves towards becoming a perfect being.

    Pranams to the Lotus feet of Sri Swamiji. Jaya Guru Datta Sri Guru Datta

  9. venkateswarudu bhadhra

    jai gurudevdatta appaji says in this mms neevu chese prathi pniki nenu sakshini mathrame. sathkarma chesthe sathphalithani ponduthavu dushkarma chesthe dani phalithani kuooda neeva ponduthavu. OM NAMO HANUMATHE NAMAH

  10. Venkata Rama Krishna

    Jaya guru datta appaji! Our desires changed a lot from the time we came to swamiji.. Swamiji is leading us towards a meaningful and virtuous life. Sri guru datta… Om namo hanumathe namaha..

  11. Sheetal Prasad

    “To follow HIM is to follow HIS words” I cannot imagine a better way of saying FOLLOW THE MASTER. I remember the final line to one of Appaji’s English bhajans where HH states “kindness is the greatest virtue”. May all our desired actions be kind to ourselves and to others. Sri Mtre Namah. Sri Guru Datta

  12. Hema

    Our beloved Sadguru has lived his entire life by performing only virtuous actions. Devotees who have not read Swamiji’s bigography must do so. Here you will find so many examples of how we should think and act even in the face of immense difficulties . I bow to to lotus like feet of my Guru who is indeed the personification of virtue and Dharma. Jaya guru Datta. Om namo Hanumate namah.

  13. Sarumati

    Jai Guru Datta, dear Swamiji

    Glad are those people, whose desires are also virtuous..
    Following your path makes this combination easier for us, because desires in genertal are hard to control. So it`s a good idea to be aware and watch right from the start, with the help of the
    divine mother, listening to this wonderful music. Thank you !

  14. lalithabalaji

    sri ganapathe sachchidanandasadgurubyonamah appaji in todays mms i saw you as viswaveekshitha maa visalakshi. by seing this message i remember a seen in the datta dharshnam that is dharmakeerti, he is a king and devote of datatraya in the story of datta dhrsanam. he asked dattathreya that what is satkarmanustanam? then datta told him and said you are listening but you could not fallow it easyly. and advised him, you never listen nasthik vadan always do satsanga. if you listen the nasthik vadana they will make you nasthika. but dhrmakeeri was not rememberd it that result is he became nasthik but the grace of guru on the death time by listening bhajans leave the earth

  15. Jaya Guru Datta!
    Especially if the ego is the source of an action i have to be very careful that the action will be virtuous. Better to remove all actions created by to ego. We will learn with the grace of our dearest Sadguru Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji.
    Sri Guru Datta
    Sri Matre Namah
    Om Namo Hanumate Namah

  16. Srinivas Mullapudi, Houston, TX

    Jaya Guru Datta
    This is very nice. I understand that if the thoughts are in accordance with dharma, the actions are virtuous. Many thanks.
    Sri Guru Datta

  17. Pushpa

    This is the law of cause and effect. Good thoughts and desires bring good actions. Let me always remember. Ptostrations to my most revered Sadguru.

  18. Vanaja

    A life completely free from desires seems impossible. Swamiji gives us the knowledge and the tools how to distinguish between different upcoming wishes. HE shows us how to check them for righteousness.

    I pray to the Lord Almighty to become still and think twice before acting.

  19. Indumati

    Jai Guru Datta
    APPAJI this is good to here, many be we learn more and more to overcome the desire by the focus of attention to do it virtuous and this is very helpful to overcome addictions, without feeling bad.
    Thank YOU APPAJI 🙂

  20. Govinda in Switzerland

    The first thing I noted was the “.. also ..”. As I see it the saying would have the same meaning with or without it, but adding the “also” implies an expansion of possibilities rather than a limitation.
    Thank You Swamiji, for giving me Guidance and possibilities at the same time.

  21. Archana Penukonda

    Jaya Guru Datta! Thank You for the detailed commentary, Puttuji! For a desired action to also be virtuous, we will need to think of the result of our actions before we try to fulfill our desire or wish. It’s possible that we are sometimes guided solely by the benefit we reap from the action, but You’ve made us aware that every action should be dharmic. In an earlier MMS, You said that bad thoughts are as harmful as bad actions. So, by always remembering this, we can filter out a good portion of bad actions in the mind itself. But, when some desires do make it past the thought process, we will need to make sure it’s virtuous before we act on it.

    Sri Swamiji is like the surgeon cleansing our hearts and minds. While removing the dirt from the freeways and highways of the mind, Sri Swamiji is also working His way through the narrow alleys and hidden lanes where dirt can accumulate and contaminate the mind. In other words, Sri Swamiji’s messages help correct our general behavior while also working on the small tendencies and samskaras to make us better human beings. It’s a miracle in progress to see thousands and thousands of people become better humans. MMS is life changing!

    Obeisances to the Holy Lotus Feet!

  22. Jaya Guru Datta.
    Each MMS teaches us and makes us realise one should take a right step at every thing we do.
    Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest repercussions.
    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    With our virtuous karmas in action we got Sadgur’s Sangathya in this life as a reaction.
    You can always feel the presence of pujya Sadguru and how he always watches us and guide us to act virtuously .

    Sri Guru Datta.

  23. Sahadeva

    The video starts from the picture of the universe. The action has to done accrding the nature. If action gives support to the environment and feld as a wisperibng action from Mother Nature gives a virtuous result. That what I feel with Swami Ji.

  24. karuna

    Jai Guru Datta Appaji…lovely video…Om Namo Mataji Namah!…thank You for sharing another important message about developing good habits in the way we think, what we say, how we act…as all of these combined are who we are…Sri Guru Datta

  25. Padma Madala

    Jaya Guru Datta, Sri Guru Datta, Om Namo Hanumathea Namaha.

  26. Anirudh

    Jaya Guru Datta Sri Guru Datta Appaji…

  27. JGD Puttuji
    Thank you for this deep meaningful MMS with your illuminative comment.
    The pictures show clearly that whatever we do, we are “watched” by the Almighty – expressed here as Sri Mata as Bhramarambika or Sri Swamiji. Each action will have consequences – kind of answer – creating our karma for which we have to stand alone. This principle finds here beautiful musical expression in the dialog between Dr. Subramaniam’s violon play and the mrdangam play. – Not that we are only observed… by Sri Mata, Sri Swamiji…. In the video they seem like waiting for us – for our surrender to their guidance.
    As our actions are composed of desires, emotions and thoughts, the teaching of this MMS encludes the necessity of sense-, emotion- and thought control and – as you mention in your comment – that we should think before we act… check whether the desires are virtuous or not before we bring them to action. – Good dharmic actions let us flourish, let us unfold our potential in fruitful natural way, as expressed by the flourishing plant.
    Very special with these MMS’: If one only reads them, one might be quickly inclined to think: “Yes – it’s obvious…” But the combination of verbal statement, pictures and music and something other subtle undefinable lead us much deeper to a range beyond thoughts…
    Thank you so much for your patient and loving guidance Swamiji ! Jai Guru Datta

  28. Mukund Mohan

    Jai Guru Datta and Pranams Puttuji !!

    Will always remember the key points:
    1. Think before you act. 2. Think whether the action is a ‘desired action’
    3. Check if that ‘desired action’ is virtuous.
    4. If it is virtuous,continue, Appaji will take care of it.
    Sri Guru Datta !!

  29. Gowri

    Jaya Guru Datta Puttuji.

    Koti Namaskarams to your divine feet Appaji.

  30. Sara

    Jai Guru Datta Appaji. Thank You for a beautiful message. Jai Mata Sri Mata. Thank You for taking time and effort to always teach us and bless us.

  31. Jaya guru datta
    Thank you for the powerful message
    Sri Guru datta

  32. Jaya Guru Datta

    Thank You Appaji for wonderful SGS-MMS video message. Very well said, we will follow this and make virtuous desires not for our own petty selfish needs, but for the welfare of others.

    Sri Guru Datta

  33. Beautifully explained Puttuji!! Thank you for your thoughts, the analogy between a criminal and a surgeon explains the MMS so perfectly. Super liked it 🙂

  34. JGD!! The opening sequence of how the entire universe is within Mother’s purview is fantastic. Reiterates the message that ‘Always remember that there is someone who is constantly watching your actions.

    Two ways I comprehended this message were:

    1. Mind is working 24×7, so thoughts are always created. But how only some of those thoughts are acted upon is something that our karma has a say on. So, if we learn to surrender all our thoughts to HIM, it is upto HIM how He shows us the path to travel and reach our goals. The moment we surrender our thoughts to HIM and dedicate all our thougts and actions to HIM and HIS will, our thoughts and actions would automatically be righteous and virtuous.
    Here I remember the MMS which says “Cultivate noble thoughts in the mind. Express them in pleassant words. Reflect them in your actions. The way to heaven is this.”

    2. Give up on any desire. Surrender completely. Remain a puppet in HIS hands. He will sow the thought, He will act through us as a mere medium. This is very very difficult to cultivate. So, it is here we need to control our monkey mind. Once that yoga is accomplished, desires, thoughts, actions and the individual are all virtuous.

    Allowing HIM to help us is the biggest ordeal, we should all be receptive to HIS help and am sure, we can all be helped!! JGD!

  35. Wounderful Appaji….. Amazing Video… Lord Devi Eyes are So realistic & Attractive… 🙂 Thank u Appaji…

  36. Sundaram Sambamoorthy

    Swamiji’s Guidance and Blessings are making us think and act in an appropriate manner. Good actions have good results. I will not dwell on the negative. As much as we would like to develop good habits and maintain sanctity, we need HIS grace and Blessings to take us to the next level in our spiritual pursuit. Jaya Guru Datta. Thank you very much Swamiji for your wonderful MMS messages from which we are trying to learn atleast one aspect each day.

  37. JGD.A virtuous thought emanates a virtuous dezire leading to a vituous deed.How nice of it! Bowing to APPAJI for Satasahasra sahasrara pranams.SGD.

  38. Jai Guru Datta, Very True!

  39. Lakshmi Melbourne Australia

    JGD! wonderful description by Puttuji and our sincere thanks for guiding words. We pray Our beloved Sadgurudeva to make us desire less. If at all the desire comes after that, let it be the righteous one always. Let our thoughts, words and action always be pure by HIS grace and guidance. Wonderful message with melodious music. Looking at Devi’s beautiful image is just so blissful. Humble Pranams to Sadguru deva and mother goddess. JGD

  40. Niran

    All our actions are witnessed by our own concsience let alone the all mighty. Virtuousness of our actions are already evaluated by our thought before we embark on its execution. Appaji is reminding us to be honest to our conscience and act virtuously. JGD.

  41. D. Srinivasa rao,

    Jgd. Comment by puttugamji on Nandana SGS MMS is ultimate. Eye opener to all of us. It is touching the hearts of the viewers, making us to understand in right perceptive. & to make us to
    follow the right path. Humble pranams to the lotus feet of Sri Appaji. sgd.

  42. Pavani Kamalapuram

    JGD Appaji
    Any action we perform starts as a thought. Even a desire is a thought that we strongly feel the need to implement as an action. According to this MMS, if all our thoughts are always positive and virtuous, the resulting action will automatically be selfess. Any desires or actions done selflessly without any expectation, leaving the result to the Divine, are the best which please the Mother Goddess. Desires are the growing plant representation in the MMS, they are never ending..but we can change these into selfless actions and offer them as flowers at the Holy Feet of our Sadguru

  43. jaya guru datta,appaji ప్రతి నిమిషం మీరు మా ఇంట జంట గా, ఉండి మమ్ములను నడిపీస్తున్నారు . jaya bolo sree datta sadgurunath maharaj ki jayam jayam .

  44. JGD! After listing to and viewing the awesome video, and I love Subramanam’s violin masterpiece..i quickly formulated my response in my head. I scrolled down to see much of it the same in Puttugam’s response! JGD!

  45. Shri Valerie

    For a devotee even for a person on her spiritual path it is very important to control the desires, wishes and actions and to know the rules of dharma. It will getting clearer for everybody if you follow the masters words. Follow His words is to follow God Word.

  46. madhutalwar

    jgd Sri Mata “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu buddhi rupena samsthita ” must always help me to be involved in sarva bhuta hite rataha, if my actions are ‘nishkaam’ very good, otherwise let them be the good to all as all are Your creation only thank You Swami ji for Your suggestions which will help me in my safe journey to reach You onhn sgd

  47. Anne Natale (Vishali)

    Jai Guru Datta Sri Swamiji! It is a beautiful message in it’s simplicity. Puttuji’s explanation was
    enlightening and helpful to understand.
    As I look into the eyes of Mother Goddess and concentrate on the third eye, the Ajna chakra, the eye of wisdom, it brings to mind the higher states of consciousness. These states produce virtuous
    or good thoughts. As we have good thoughts, we will have good, virtuous actions.
    Thank You Swamiji for blessing us with so many spiritual practices to help us to ascend to these higher states.

  48. Radha from

    When we want to do an action and it also should be virtuous shows me once more how carfully we must live! How exactly we always should controle our thoughts, desires and actions !
    Thank You a lot, dearest Appaji and dear Puttuji for all this most impressive and helpful MMS with Your comprehensive explications! I try to follow Sadgurus words with HIS guidance and support. With my humble pranams to my revered divine Sadguru! S.G.D.!

  49. Hanuman Hoffman

    Thank you Puttuji for more of this story.
    As I have listened to Sri Swamiji’s music over the years, I find that my thought process has become less cluttered with nonsensical thoughts. Replacing those thoughts are feelings and notions of the celestial and my Datta Sadguru. I can only deduct that my actions should be more aligned with virtue. It seems so, as many ideas no longer show up in my mind. I am Grateful for these Blessings from my Appaji. JGD

  50. Jai Guru Datta. Virtuous deeds are the deeds that bring us closer to Pujya Sadguru Deva. Prayers to Divine Mother to help us develop virtuous character and be the way Pujya Appaji wants us to be. Pranams to the Lotus Feet of Pujya Appaji.

  51. svetha

    Mein geliebter SADGURU, wie schnell doch unsere Gedanken Wünsche und Handlungen kreieren. Ich bitte DICH mir zu helfen, meinen Mind zu kontrollieren und dem Dharma-Weg zu folgen.

  52. Joseph

    Thank You Sri Swamiji for your beautiful messages. They are helping us in daily life like energy capsules. Please keep helping and guiding us always……

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