Jan 20 2014

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Atma Katha ~ 433


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  1. mukund mohan

    Karunakara Jnanatmaka Saccidananda Prabhoprabho _/\_!!

  2. Bhargavi Sairam

    Spending money at Ashrama in any of the activities is the best service ever rendered as it serves the best of the purpose. Thank you for blessing us in being part of these services Sadgurudeva. We could be a drop in a ocean but as HH says a drop and drop becomes a ocean. Thank you for everything Sadgurudeva. Humble Pranams._/\_

  3. Talluri Jayasree

    Jaya Guru Datta Sri Swamiji! _/\_!! Jai Sri Jayalakshmi Mata! _/\_!! Jai Puttugam!

  4. Sekhar


  5. Jayanthshankar,Dwarka, N. Delhi

    Our Sadgurudeva always sets examples for us to learn and practise. Only You know how to free us of our karmic cycle.Pray for directions from you.Jaya Guru Datta.

  6. gundalalithakumari

    jaya guru datta Appaji

  7. Swarnalatha

    Jaygurudattasrigurudatta Puttujii

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