Jun 13 2013

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Gaze at nature


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  1. Mukund Mohan

    Jaya Guru Datta Appaji _/\_!!

  2. bharati.p

    yes nature is allways wonderful and unlimited enjoyment.nature is gods gift to humanbeing.but we r polluting like anything.god is nature nature is god.

  3. Indumati

    Nature is wonderful and donate bliss 🙂

  4. meeradatta

    nature is the greatest teacher.appaji gave this advice in1995 in cochin. how much i learnt fron nature in’gods own ocuntry’. learnt to detach from human beings ;nature has so much more to offer.appaji the guiding light,thank you for blessings then now and hereafter.

  5. pinninti vijaya santhi

    prakruthi ante matru swarupamu..anduke mana ammani, ammalaganna amma aina JAYA LAKSHMI AMMA ni dhyaniste, prakruthini aaradhinchi natte..sri matha..sri guru datta..jayaguu datta..

  6. Mukund Mohan

    Jaya Guru Datta Puttuji _/\_!!Thank you for the beautiful video and beautiful message. Very Very Very Happy to receive MMS again !! Sri Guru Datta !!

  7. Bhargavi Sairam

    Monsoon has arrived and the nature here at Hyderabad is wonderful. Gazing at nature, real makes one feel so peaceful and happy. Reminds of the Devi virat rupam….JGD.SGD.

  8. Dariashakti

    Jaya Guru Datta!
    Gazing at nature helps so much to feel peace and love in one’s heart. Humans are part of this world, too…This reminds me of Swamiji’s talk at DRC…thank for gazing at all of us with wonder and love…Sri Guru Datta!

  9. p.kanaka durga

    really nature is soooo beautifull with appajis presence.appaji yakkada unte akkade swargam

  10. Vinobha Devi

    JGD,Appaji’s darshan on facebook along with videos fulfils this need.Iam contented with it.Devi Viraatroopa Namoustute!.

  11. Kamala Brattig

    Jaya Guru Datta Sri Guru Datta! What a great joy to watch more of these beautiful videos! Sri Swamiji is always most beautiful and all His actions are in harmony with the entire creation. Thank You for teaching us about the secrets of Mother Earth and about Her beauty. While following these advices we become more beautiful and natural too. OM NAMO HANUMATE NAMAHA

  12. karuna

    Jai Guru Datta, Appaji…what a beautiful MMS…what a beautiful day it is today! So wonderful to see You on this MMS, and all Datta Family…we can’t thank You enough for continuing with Your Rays of hope and love each day…Pranams to Your Most Holy Lotus Feet Sri Guru Datta

  13. Lakshmi perni

    A wonderful and amazing nature. Jgd

  14. veda soniya

    jai guru datta Swamiji, thank you for this powerful message, i love looking at my trees and flowers and bein in their company…it gives such peace and child like innocence, serenity and tranquility.

  15. madhu talwar

    jgd thank You my Musical Mother Nature (Swami Ji) onhn sgd


    It is refreshing to see the reappearance of APPAJIs MMS.
    Let us always be in tune with the beauty of nature

  17. Valli Cortesao

    Jai Guru Datta Puttuji. Beautiful landscapes with Appaji and light music. Om Namo Hanumate namah

  18. Annessa

    Nature is just one of the many gifts from god and indeed we are so lucky to experience it. Jaya Guru Datta

  19. Ila Mali.

    JGD, koti koti Pranams to Param Pujya Sri Swamiji’s Lotus Feet, thank you for the Blessing, with very nice, Beautiful video, always so nice to see Sri Swamiji’s photo, video and MMS, MSG, Hari Om Tattsat !!!

  20. Vanaja

    Jaya Guru Datta,
    nature is a reflection of God!
    Prostration to HIM
    Sri Guru Datta

  21. Mani Murty

    Jaya Guru Datta Appaji ! Thank you so much for the most attractive video,soul touching Music and a message that inculcates aesthetic approach among us.. Thank you for reviving the MMSes which boost our confidence, establish bonding with Sadguru and shower unconditional sprinkles of love from our Sadguru Deva !! Pranams Appaji !!

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