Are there similarities between Hinduism, Christianity and Islam?

Our first Ashram prayer states that all religions are same! There can be no differences.

Baiballu madhye’ tha kurāṇa madhye śastreṣu vedesu purāna varge

Yatkeertireka viratam sughustha tameka devam śranam vrajāmah.

It means that the God who is prayed through Koran is the same as the Lord worshipped through the Bible! The very same God is explained about in Bhagawatam or in Hindu Shastras! Flowers are many but worship is the same. Cows are different but the milk is the same. There are so many languages but feelings are the same. All the great people –the Mahatmas, sants, sadhus, sat purushas declare this. They say, “

All religions lead to the same goal. Just follow your Swadharma (the dharma/ religion in which you were born). Always abide by the truth. Do no harm others. We do not know why God has given us this body. Just abide by and follow your religion with pure faith.”

If you are a Muslim, be a true Muslim; if you are a Christian be a true Christian; if you are a Hindu then be a true Hindu. The blood is the same for everyone irrespective of the religion.

Igirju masjida sumandireshu Preyarnamajarcana panktibhiryam

Archanti gayanti ca yadganaughan Temeks devam saranam vrajamah.

This stanza states that some people call the residence of God as a temple. Others call it masjid. For others it is a church. But the same God resides in all the places! All the various customs, rules and regulations are the various methods to reach the same God! One person may choose to take a boat to reach the destination while another may decide to walk. What matters is that you should reach the destination. The method of transport doesn’t matter.

We should treat all the people in the world equally. It is important that everyone understands this. Do you know that Swamiji’s Puja mandir was built by a Muslim? My first Sri chakra puja was in that Mandir only. This is the beautiful relationship that I share with my Muslim brethren. “Tameka devam saraṇam vrajāmah” means there is only one God. Everything belongs to that same God. He is omnipresent, formless and is devoid of any traits (nirguṇa).

  • Bhaktimala Jan 2001

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