Bhagawatam 126: The four Kumarās curse the two door-keepers who prevent their entry to Vaikunṭha

Brahma continued, “Only in human birth one has the rare opportunity to obtain knowledge of the real object i.e. the Self! For this reason all Devatas, including me, seek this opportunity to be born as humans. Yet those, who even after obtaining a human birth fail to understand or worship Srihari, fall into his trap of illusion.  It is really pitiable that they waste this human birth.

By constantly thinking about Him alone, devotees of Lord Srihari conquer death. They cross over this cycle of repeated births and deaths. Such devotees are far superior to even Gods such as Brahma and others. In fact, Devatas seek to imbibe the noble qualities and character of such supreme devotees!

Such supreme devotees eagerly discuss amongst themselves the glories of their Lord Srihari. Totally soaked in the resultant bliss that they experience through such discussions, they profusely shed tears of joy and experience horripilation throughout their body. Only such devotees reach His supreme abode Vaikunṭha!

In that Supreme plane known as Vaikunṭha, which is revered by inhabitants of all planes of existence in the universe, the Supreme Lord Srihari, who is the Lord of the universe, resides. Vaikunṭha dazzles magnificently with multi coloured airplanes of supreme celestials.

This was the first visit of Sanaka and other kumarās to Vaikunṭha. It was due to the strength of their austerities that they could arrive there. Observing the magnificence of this plane, they were soaked in bliss.

They, who were extremely focused upon having the darshan of Lord Srihari, were not inclined towards enjoying the beauty and grandeur of this plane. They were deeply desirous of meeting the Supreme Lord. They had merged mentally into that Lord and were enthusiastically and eagerly looking forward to seeing Him. Without stopping to notice the grandeur of the abode, they quickly walked past the 6 gates in Vaikunṭha one after another without any obstacle. None of the doorkeepers at any of these entrances stopped them.

They reached the seventh main entrance which was guarded by two doorkeepers, who were of equal age and who held maces in their hands. These doorkeepers had adorned themselves with expensive and exquisite ornaments, precious earrings, crowns, glittering armlets and costly clothing.

They were glowing with their bluish complexion and resembled Mahavishnu in their appearance. They had four arms and had adorned their necks with lovely vanamāla garlands. With its divine fragrance, this Vanamāla garland was attracting the intoxicated bees towards it. Their arched eyebrows were raised. Their nostrils appeared swollen. Their eyes were deep red and their faces indicated that they were slightly agitated.

Without waiting to seek the permission of these doorkeepers, Maharishi Sanaka and his brothers simply ignored them and continued to walk past. Previously they had crossed the 6 gateways exactly as they had done now.

After all, they were supreme beings who treated every being equally and impartially. Feelings of egoism did not exist in them. Since they were over and above the feelings of duality and differentiation of any kind, they were absolutely untouched by doubts and hesitations. They travelled everywhere freely out of their own will with no one ever stopping them.

These four eminent saints are always naked, having directions as their clothing. They eternally appear as five year old boys although in age they are the most elderly. They are totally Self-realized supreme beings. It is not right for the doorkeepers to stop entry for those who are totally Self-realized.

Sadly, in nature these two doorkeepers were exactly the opposite of Sri Mahavishnu. Hence they failed to recognize the radiance that was emanating from these eminent saints. Instead, believing that the saints were acting arrogantly, these doorkeepers despised them and using their staffs they blocked the path.

They were supreme saints who should have been adored and respectfully welcomed! Contrary to this, even when all the Devatas were watching, these doorkeepers in Vaikunṭha blocked their path and prevented their entry.

The saints’ deepest desire to meet the Supreme Lord was thus hindered. Anger (krodha) always attaches itself closely to desire (kāma) and follows it, isn’t it? Only when desire remains unfulfilled, this anger projects itself visibly.

As such, traces of anger now began to enter into these saints. Their eyes turned red. With eyes filled with fury, they said to the doorkeepers, “Due to the merit of the devotional worship that you offer to the Lord you have been blessed to reside in Vaikunṭha. Since you reside in Vaikunṭha, shouldn’t the Lord’s qualities also be found in you? Should you not imbibe His wonderful traits? The Lord treats everyone equally. However you both seem to be exactly the opposite of Him. Both of you are filled with poison. How could feelings of differentiation even enter into you?

The Lord is complete in every aspect. He is ever peaceful. Disturbances and disputes do not exist in him. He has no enemies. How can any dubious, cynical being exist here in His premises? Thus from your behavior it appears to us that you are imposters. As such you are finding faults in others. As you are of suspicious nature, you doubt others.

Do you realize that this entire universe exists within the Lord’s womb? Do you realize that He is the Self who resides within every living being? Jnānis (supremely knowledgeable persons) recognize Him as the Self. Just as the space in the pot (ghatakāśa) merges into the outer space (mahākāśa), these saints merge into Him. They do not see any difference between their true Self and God.

On the other hand, you doubt that someone can harm the Lord, who resides as the Self in all. You exhibit this fear as you are imposters in the garb of the Devatas. Fear exists only when feelings of duality exist. Even a trace of such feelings of duality can cause intense fear.

Wherefrom did you get these feelings of duality and differences? What could be the cause that prompted you to develop such feelings? Srihari, the Lord of Vaikunṭha, is the presiding deity for the traits of goodness and purity (sattva guna) isn’t it? He is the Parabrahma who shines as the Self.

Even after having this knowledge, due to your dull-wittedness you doubt His safety. We therefore seek your welfare and hence wish to punish you. Since you both possess feelings of duality and differences, we wish that you should leave Vaikunṭha and be born in those sinful planes (worlds) wherein beings suffer due to the might of enemies known as desire (kāma), anger (krodha) and greed (lobha)!”

The two doorkeepers who heard the terrible curse that was pronounced by these supreme Brahmin sages began to shiver. There is no escape from a Brahmin’s curse. It is impossible to counter a Brahmin’s curse through any weapon or through any other method. Such is its power that even Mahavishnu himself stands by it.

Trembling in fear and in great anxiety the two doorkeepers fell at the feet of the great sages and implored, “O great saints! We have sinned. You have awarded us the precise punishment for our mistake. May it happen per your wish!

Ridiculing great saints of your stature is a sin. We accept this curse and through this we will pay for our sin. We are now about to fall into a lowly womb and we beg you to heed our small prayer.

O great saints! When we take birth in a lowly womb, this sin of ours will cause infatuation in us and will distance us from thinking about Him, our Lord. We beg you to ensure that it should not happen. Please be compassionate.”

Vishṇave namah

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