Bhagawatam 130: The four Kumāras depart from Vaikunṭha; the fall of Jaya-Vijaya

The four Kumāras continued, “For the welfare of humans, through the medium of kings who are your incarnations, You destroyed those who oppose dharma. You do not wish to see the path of righteousness (dharma) eliminated. Retaining the three attributes of Nature (sattva, rajas, tamas) under Your control, You rule and sustain the entire universe.

The humbleness that You have shown towards us will not reduce Your supremacy even slightly. This humility is just another of Your transcendental pastimes.

O Lord of the universe! Whether You decide to punish these two doorkeepers or You decide to honour them, both are acceptable to us. In this there is no deceitfulness. Any decision of Yours is acceptable to us. In addition please punish us too. Receiving punishment from You is also joyful because we are guilty of cursing two innocent faultless beings”.

Srihari then addressed the saints and said, “O Maharishis! These two will now be born as demons who will have deep aversion towards Me. Hatred together with feelings of intense anger will ensure that their mind is eternally focused upon Me. It will transform into Yoga and very quickly they will return to Me. Please understand that it was because of My will that you cursed them”.

Sanaka and other Maharishis were overjoyed to hear these words. To their hearts content once again they looked at the Lord. Srihari is Self-illuminated God with irrefutable competence. In great joy the four saints observed His abode Vaikunṭha, the divine Self-illuminating planet. They circumambulated and offered obeisance to Him. Seeking His permission they returned from that plane extolling His glories.

Thereafter addressing his two servants, Srihari said, “My dearest attendants! Please leave fearlessly. May you be blessed with auspiciousness! Although I have the capacity to overrule the curse pronounced by Brahmanas, I did not choose to do so. On the other hand, the curse was in accordance to My will. Therefore I do not have any intention of withdrawing it.

Previously when I was in Yogic sleep (yoga nidra) you once stopped Goddess Lakshmi at the entrance. She was infuriated and at that moment itself she had actually cursed you. For this reason your fall to lower planes is inevitable. You will have deep aversion towards me. After cleansing yourselves completely from the sin of having disrespected Brahmins, you will shortly return to my abode.”

Saying this, Srihari who was until then standing at the entrance, now returned into His apartments. That Vaikunṭha was glowing with the splendor of the aircrafts situated therein. It was replete with limitless wealth. It was being served by the extremely beautiful Goddess Lakshmi.

Due to the irrefutable curse of the Brahmins, Jaya and Vijaya lost their luster even when they were in Vaikunṭha and fell from there. Their arrogance was totally destroyed.

Brahma thus narrated the story of Jaya-Vijaya’s curse to the Devatas. He then said, “As these two were falling from Vaikunṭha, all the celestials who were in the aircrafts there shouted in disappointment.

O Devatas! These two attendants of Srihari are now growing in Diti’s womb. Due to the radiance of Kashyapa Maharishi they are prospering. These two demons, who are akin to death, are twins. Their power is now destroying your radiance. This situation has been caused purely due to Srihari’s intent hence I am helpless.

viśvasya yaḥ sthiti-layodbhava-hetur ādyo

yogeśvarair api duratyaya-yogamāyaḥ

kṣema vidhāsyati sa no bhagavās tryadhīśas

tatrāsmadīya-vimṛśena kiyān ihārthaḥ

Bhagawan Srihari, the primordial being, is the absolute cause who is totally responsible for the creation, sustenance and annihilation of the entire universe. He is the Lord of all the three planes of existence who has retained the three attributes of Nature i.e. sattva, rajas and tamo guṇās completely under His control. Even the greatest Yogis cannot cross over His Yoga-māya (illusory power). It is this Lord who causes our welfare. Discussing about His illusory power (yogamāya) is futile. Surrendering to Him alone is beneficial and He alone rescues us”.

With this the sixteenth chapter comes to an end.

Third Canto Chapter Seventeen

In this chapter the ill-omens that preceded the birth of demons Hiranyāksha and Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyāksha’s victory are explained.

Maitreya Maharishi said to Vidura, “When the Self-created Lord Brahma explained to the Devatas the reason behind their diminishing luster, their doubts were totally dispelled. Seeking His permission, they returned to Heaven, their planet.

Diti, the chaste wife of Maharishi Kashyapa, vividly remembered all that her husband had predicted. She was worried and tensed that her unborn children would cause destruction and hardship to all the worlds. After 100 years of pregnancy she delivered two twin boys.

At the time of their birth many ill-omens were seen in heaven, on earth and in space. Mountains shook violently. There were violent earthquakes in many parts of the globe. Huge fires erupted abruptly in all directions. Thunderbolts and comets, which cause destruction, fell on earth.

Strong violent gale winds that pricked the skin blew harshly with whistling sounds. Forceful whirlwinds accompanied it like an army. The dust that was raised due to such winds appeared like its crown. Such winds uprooted gigantic trees together with their roots.

The lightning that dazzled the skies appeared to be laughing. The sky was completely overcast with clouds so much so that the Sun, Moon, twinkling stars and planets were obscured totally. Everything was enveloped with darkness and nothing could be seen.

Oceans turned turbulent creating gigantic waves that dashed against the land. The ocean appeared ferocious like a mentally agitated being. Even water bodies such as rivers, lakes and ponds became turbulent. The lotuses within them withered.

Solar and lunar eclipses were created. Continuous halo was seen around the Sun and the Moon appearing as if their illumination had all bundled up in one place. Even in the absence of clouds, thunder could be heard. Loud sounds like that of moving chariots could be heard from mountain caves.

Female jackals stood in the middle of village streets and howled inauspiciously emitting fiery flames from their mouths. They were accompanied by male jackals and owls. At many place dogs howled and shrieked with their raised necks. At times it was as if they were singing and at other times it was inauspicious howling. Large groups of inebriated donkeys were hitting the earth with their hooves.

Vishnave namah.

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