Bhagawatam 137: Process of creation; Kardama Prajāpati prays to the Lord

Vāsudevāya namah

Maitreya Maharishi continued to explain the process of creation, “Kinnara and Kimpuruśas accepted the reflection of Lord Brahma left behind by him. For this reason, in the early hours of the morning as couples they, through their music rendition, glorify Lord Brahma.

Creation did not move quickly. Brahma pondered over this deeply and stretching his legs went into sleep. He who was thus lost in contemplation, was infuriated and suddenly gave up that body. The hair from that body fell down and snakes were born. From the hands and legs that were stretched, cruel venomous snakes with their hoods widely stretched were born.

Now the self-created Lord Brahma observed the creation completed so far. He felt he had accomplished his purpose. Now as the last step he created from his mind, Manu who would further the creation and also sustain it.

The intelligent Lord Brahma gave his body, which was in a human form, to human beings. The Devatas and other celestials, who were already created by then, were immensely pleased with the creation of Manus. They praised him profusely.

Aho etaj jagat-sraṣṭaḥ sukṛta bata te ktam

Pratiṣṭhitā kriyā yasmin sākam annam adāma he

“O Lord Brahma! O creator of the universe! This creation of Yours is superb! Yagnas and other prescribed activities take shelter in this human form. Through them we shall get our share of Yagna offerings”.

Tapasā vidyayā yukto yogena susamādhinā

ṛṣīn ṛṣir hṛṣīkeśaḥ sasarjābhimatāḥ prajā

 Thereafter Lord Brahma, the conqueror of the senses and the first Rishi of this creation, created his favorite children i.e. the Maharishis who had the qualities of penance (tapas), knowledge (jnana), worship (upāsana) and Yoga coupled with absolute concentration in them.

In that body Brahma filled himself with samadhi yoga, anima and other supernatural powers, penance, worship, dispassion and knowledge. He gave away every limb of that body to the Maharishis.

With this the twentieth chapter of the third canto comes to an end.

Third Canto Chapter Twenty one

In this chapter, the boons given by the Lord to Kardama Maharishi are detailed.

Vidura enquired, “O Maharishi Maitreya! O venerable one! The lineage of Swayambhuva Manu multiplied through the union of man and woman. Please explain to me about this lineage which is deeply revered by even all Maharishis.

His sons Uttānapāda and Priyavrata righteously ruled this earth which consists of seven continents. You had earlier said that his daughter Devahuti was the wife of Kardama Prajapati. Kardama Prajapati is a supreme yogi. His wife Devahuti is an exponent in the practice of Yama and other disciplines. How many children did this pious couple beget? I seek to know this. In addition, Ruci Prajapati and Daksha Prajapati also married other daughters of Manu. They also furthered the creation. Please explain to me this process of creation”.

Maitreya Maharishi replied, “Brahma ordered Kardama for help in furthering the creation. The venerable Kardama, in order to fulfill the order of his father Brahma, meditated on the banks of River Saraswati for 10000 years.

The lotus eyed Lord was immensely pleased with Kardama’s penance. Assuming the form of Sacchidananda (transcendental form), which is extolled by the Vedas, the Lord appeared before him in Krta-yuga. Srihari was shining brightly like the pure Sun. He was wearing a garland of white lotuses. His lotus face was illumined by His thick, dark black hair, His glittering crown and His golden earrings. He was draped in pure clothing.

In His 4 hands He sportily held a conch, discus, white lotus and a mace. His gaze and His charming smile brought joy to the mind. The Lord was situated in space. He had rested His lotus feet on the shoulders of His vehicle, Garuda. The Kausthuba gem glittered on His neck. On His chest, Goddess Lakshmi was shining radiantly. In this manner, the Lord blessed Kardama with His vision.

Kardama Prajapati was supremely happy that his desire was fulfilled. He who was of a loving nature fell on the ground and prostrated to the Lord. His heart was overflowing with devotion. He then folded his palms and prayed,

“O Lord of great renown! O Srihari! You are the refuge for complete traits of purity and goodness (sattva guna). With this vision of Yours, my eyes have fulfilled their purpose. The innumerable meritorious deeds across various births result in the attainment of knowledge. With that firm knowledge they pray seeking to see You.

O Iśwara! Your feet are like the boat that ferry us across the ocean called worldly bondages. Yet, deluded human beings, who are influenced by your illusory power, worship You seeking the fulfillment of trivial desires. In return You bless them by fulfilling their wants. The truth is that these sensory pleasures are available not only in this world but also in hell.

Tathā sa cāhaṁ parivoḍhu-kāmaḥ samāna-śīlāṁ ghamedha-dhenum

Upeyivān mūlam aśeṣa-mūlaṁ durāśayaḥ kāma-dughāghripasya

O Lord! I also possess an impure mind. I am about to step into the householder’s life (grihasta ashrama). In married life, the wife is like the wish-fulfilling cow. Hence I seek to marry a girl whose nature is suitable to that of mine. You are the Kalpavriksha, the wish fulfilling tree, who fulfills all the desires of the devotees. Your feet are the root for the fulfillment of the four-fold aims of life. I surrender to those holy feet!

O Lord! You are ever pure! You, the protector of living beings, have handed over the preaching known as Vedas to mankind. This human plane is filled with innumerable desires and is tied with the rope called actions. Accepting the procedure adopted in this world, I too worship You, the embodiment of time, through varied rituals”.

Vāsudevāya namah.

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