Bhagawatam 150: What type of bhakti leads towards liberation?

Maharishi Kapila continued, “It is imperative that in objects pertaining to Nature, attachment should be given up completely! Detachment should become an eternal companion. In other words, along with obtaining Spiritual Knowledge (jnana), detachment (vairagya) should be developed.

In addition to Yogic pursuits, if a person surrenders completely to Me, then within this birth itself he will attain Me in the form of his inner Self” preached Kapila Maharishi.

Hearing this, Devahuti enquired, “Which type of bhakti helps in obtaining liberation? Which form of devotion (bhakti) will enable me easily obtain Your lotus feet, O Lord?

I seek to wash away my sorrows. I am troubled by some unknown discontent. I am always grieving and fearful. I still have the desire to enjoy these worldly comforts. At the same time I grieve that I have got trapped into difficulties. I am unable to overcome the grief that my closest relatives have deserted me and gone away. I am upset when events do not proceed in accordance with my plan.

O Lord Kapila!  Unparalleled pure bliss has taken on a form and is now seated in front of my eyes! I am not seeing you, I am seeing bliss seated in front of me.

O Lord, the Yoga that you have preached is like an arrow directed towards the Supreme Lord. Such arrow has directly pierced my heart and it will lead to the birth of Self-knowledge. It will help me obtain God. Please explain to me the form of this Yoga. What are its divisions?

O Srihari! I am a dull witted helpless woman. I know it is very difficult to understand this Yoga. But with Your grace, I can understand it easily. Please explain this to me in detail.”

For having been born from her, Kapila understood the feelings of mother Devahuti. He was very pleased when she questioned in this manner. Hence in detail he explained to her the philosophy which is popularly known as Sānkhya shastra. In addition he also explained in detail about bhakti (path of devotion).

Maharishi Kapila stated, “In a spiritual aspirant whose mind is totally fixed upon the Lord, the organs or perception (jnanendriya) and organs of action (karmendriya) are eternally inclined towards righteous deeds prescribed by the Vedas.

Srihari is primarily an embodiment of goodness and purity (sattva). Serving Him, worshipping Him, talking about Him, thinking of Him or singing His glories without any expectation is true devotion! This is called Bhagavad-bhakti. Such bhakti is most supreme Yoga!

Just as the digestive fire effortlessly digests the food we eat, such bhakti quickly burns down the subtle body which is nothing but the repository of subtle impressions of our past fruitive actions (vāsana).

The person who is in such ripened state of bhakti will be liberated while living! He will then attain bodiless merger (videha mukti) too! This should be understood.

Some devotees, desirous of offering service to My lotus feet, dedicate their sense organs only to perform actions that are loved by Me! They offer to Me every action of theirs. Such devotees who are totally engaged in serving the Lord do not even seek to merge into Me. They are eternally engaged in singing My divine glories. This is their only pastime.

O Mother! My divine form with its pleasant face, charming smile and reddish beautiful eyes always bestows boons upon devotees. My devotees admire such forms and lovingly talk to Me. Within their hearts they converse with Me. They consider all their household chores as jobs done to please Me.

My transcendental forms, with beautifully proportioned limbs, pleasing looks and charming smiles, steal the hearts of noble saintly beings. My divine stories and My melodious words attract their minds. As a result, the mind of such noble beings does not run hither and thither. Such bhakti bestows them with supreme liberation known as merging into Parabrahma.

Such devotees do not seek even comforts of supreme celestial planes. Nor do they seek supernatural accomplishments such as Anima and others. They do not seek even the best and highest comforts. Why then will they seek trivial insignificant comforts?

They do not even notice the existence of heavenly comforts. Their gaze will be totally fixed upon Me. They understand that I am the root, hence they do not show any interest towards other objects. Such persons obtain My abode called Vaikunṭha, wherein even the least trace of sorrow is absent.

I am the Self who exists within everyone. That devotee who, with feelings of total surrender, develops infinite love towards Me, who hides Me within his heart believing Me to be his son; who considering Me to be his friend places infinite trust in Me; who reveres Me as his Guru; who accepts Me as his well-wisher and worships Me as God will never face defeat”.

Achyutāya namah

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