Bhagawatam 162: Greatness of time; the pitiful condition of a person who is bound by this world

Sridharāya namah.

“The Lord’s illusory power (māya shakti) has manifested as this vast universe composed of innumerable forms. That wonderful, ultimate power of the Lord which is responsible for this manifestation is known as time (kāla)!

Time is the refuge for everything! Through the medium of the 5 gross elements it enters into living beings and destroys them. It rules over even Brahma and other Gods who rule the universe.  The Supreme Lord Vishnu, who bestows results for all Yagnas, himself is time!

Time does not have a friend; nor does it have an enemy. It does not have any relative. It destroys everyone. Time, which destroys everyone, is ever vigilant. It enters into those who are overly immersed into sensual pleasures and destroys them.

Yad-bhayād vāti vāto ’yaṁ sūryas tapati yad-bhayāt

Yad-bhayād varṣate devo bha-gaṇo bhāti yad-bhayāt

It is due to fear of time that the wind blows, the Sun shines brightly, Lord Indra showers rains and the heavenly bodies illumine the sky.

Fearing time all creepers, plants and trees bear flowers and fruits as stipulated based on their seasons. Rivers flow and oceans do not transgress their limits out of fear of time.

Fearing this time the fire burns and the earth with its mountains refrains from sinking into the waters of the ocean. Respecting the laws of time, space makes place for all planets as well as all objects to exist within it.

Being under the control of time, Mahat tattva (cosmic intelligence) expands its body known as ahamkara (sense of I-ness) to manifest as the Universal body (Brahmanda) which is composed of 7 layers!

Fearing time, the three Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra, the presiding deities for the attributes of action (rajas), goodness (sattva) and ignorance (tamo gunas), systematically execute their duties of creation, sustenance and annihilation in every creation. They rule this universe consisting of animate and inanimate entities.

Time, which is indestructible, destroys everything! Time, which is birthless, gives birth to everything! Time does not have transformations such as growing and shrinking. It continues creation by bringing forth a son from a father. It causes death to everyone including the Lord of death, Yama”.

Kapila Maharishi thus taught Mother Devahuti. With this the twenty ninth chapter of the third canto comes to an end.

Third Canto Chapter Thirty

In this chapter the lowest/worst levels to which a fickle-minded person, who struggles to support himself and his family, slips is explained.

Kapila Maharishi said to mother Devahuti,

“Tasyaitasya jano nūnaṁ nāyaṁ vedoru-vikramam

Kālyamāno ’pi balino vāyor iva ghanāvaliḥ

O Mother! Powerful winds disperse clouds. Clouds do not however have any estimation of the power of the wind. Similarly, time traps the being in these worldly bondages (samsara) and makes him suffer. The individual being however is unable to know the power of this samsāra. This is undoubtedly true.

Desiring comforts and happiness, a human being accumulates varied different objects, through many strenuous efforts. However the Lord, who manifests as time, swallows them all completely! Time destroys everything. Ultimately the human being grieves.

Yad adhruvasya dehasya sānubandhasya durmatiḥ

Dhruvāṇi manyate mohād gṛha-ketra-vasūni ca 

Due to spiritual ignorance (ajnana), the dull-witted individual being considers this impermanent body and the assets associated with it such as house, land and wealth as permanent. This ultimately is the cause for his sorrow.

Whatever type of birth he gets, i.e. irrespective of the womb into which he is born, be it a human, bird, insect, animal or celestial, the living entity considers it to be comfortable. He does not develop distaste towards it.

Due to Srihari’s power of illusion, the living entity has extreme infatuation towards these worldly bondages. Even if he were to be born in hell, he will crave for obtaining those trivial comforts available there. He will resist and grieve to give up that body.

The human being’s mind is completely focused upon his body, spouse, children, house, wealth, relatives. He entertains plentiful desires. Despite this, he considers himself to be perfect and great.

Being under the grip of illusion, with a wicked spoilt mind he endlessly strives only for fulfillment and sustenance of his desires. Due to this mental anxiety, his organs are all afflicted. Eternally he engages in sinful deeds.

The mind as well as the senses of such householder is totally enchanted by the body of women and the sweet, childish, innocent actions of infants. He will be under their sway. Hence, without any deviation, he dutifully completes all worldly activities that are evil, untrue and which only lead towards sorrows.

Simultaneously he is always on the lookout for methods by which he can get out of his worldly problems. In his opinion getting rid of problems is happiness. Lost in this trap, he never searches for real happiness. Getting into problems and then trying to resolve them becomes the entire purpose of his life.

Earning wealth has some element of injury (himsa) involved. With this money that is earned he feeds his family. He eats only that which remains after they eat. Finally due to his acts of violence he ends up in hell.

Sridharāya namah

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