Bhagawatam 174: The progeny of Maharishi Kardama’s daughters; the daughters of Daksha Prajapati

Adokshajāya namah.

Uthatya and Brihaspati were the sons of Shraddha and Maharishi Angirasa. Uthathya, an incarnation of the Supreme Lord, was a great Brahma-jnāni. These two brothers attained great fame in Swārocisa Manvantara.

Now let us discuss about the progeny of Havirbhuva and Pulastya Maharishi. This holy couple had two sons. The first amongst them was Agastya who in his next birth became the digestive fire (jatarāgni). The second son Viśravasa was a supreme ascetic.

Viśravasa, through wife Iḍaviḍa, begot a son named Kubera, who was of saintly nature. Kubera became the Lord of the Yakshas. Viśravasa had another wife Kaikasi. From her were born Rāvaṇa, Kumbhakarṇa and Vibheeshaṇa.

Maharishi Pulaha’s wife was Gati, who was a very chaste woman. This holy couple had three sons. The first was Karmaśreṣṭa, who was an expert in Vaidika karma (actions prescribed by Vedas). Variyāmśa, a great upāsaka and Sahiṣṇu, who was well-known for his patience, were their other two sons.

Through wife Kriya, Maharishi Kratu begot 60,000 sons, all of whom were supreme sages. They are the Vālakhilyas. They possessed great radiance.

Arundhati was the wife of Maharishi Vashishta. She is also known as Urja. This holy couple had 7 sons named Chitraketu, Soroci, Viraja, Mitra, Ulbana, Vasubhrdyāna and Dyumān, who became great saints. Maharishi Vashishta had another wife. From her Shakti and other sons were born.

Maharishi Atharva’s wife was Chitti. This holy couple had a son by name Dadhici. Dadhici was known for his resolute dedication towards rituals. As his head resembled a horse, he was also known as Aśvashira.

Maharishi Bhrigu’s wife was Khyāti. This couple had two sons Dhāta and Vidhāta. Their daughter was Sri. She was a partial incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. She dedicated her life to the Supreme Lord.

Meru gave his daughters Āyati and Niyati in marriage to Bhrigu’s sons Dhāta and Vidhāta. Dhāta was blessed with a son named Mṛkanḍa. Mṛkanḍa’s son was sage Markanḍeya.

Vidhāta’s son was Prāṇa. Prāna had a son by name Vedaśira. Bhrigu Maharishi had another son by name Kavi. Kavi’s son was Śukrāchārya. He became very famous and was highly revered.

In this way, all these great saints, through their progeny increased the population within this creation. Vidura, I have now explained to you about the progeny of the 9 daughters of Kardama Prajāpati.

Śṛṇvataḥ śraddadhānasya sadyaḥ pāpa-hara para

Prasūtiṁ mānavī daka upayeme hy ajātmajaḥ 

Sins will instantaneously be destroyed in those persons who listen to this description with dedication.

Let us now understand about the descendants of Daksha Prajāpati.

Daksha was the mind born son of Brahma. He married Prasūti, one of the daughters of Swayambhuva Manu and Śataroopa. Daksha and Prasuti had sixteen daughters.

Thirteen of these daughters were given in marriage of Dharma (Lord of righteousness). One daughter was given in marriage to Fire God Agni. One daughter was given to all the forefathers (pitr-devatas). Yet another daughter was given in marriage to Shiva, the Lord who uplifts persons stuck in this repeated cycle of re-births.

Śraddha, Maitri, Daya, Śānti, Tuśṭi, Puśṭi, Kriya, Unnati, Buddhi, Medha, Titeeksha, Hṛi and Murti were the thirteen daughters who were given in marriage to Dharma.

Dharma’s wife Śraddha begot a son Śubha; Maitri’s son was Prasāda, Daya gave birth to Abhaya, Śānti to Sukha, Tuśṭi to Muda, Puśṭi to Smaya, Kriya to Yoga, Unnati to Darpa, Buddhi to Artha, Medha to Smriti, Titeeksha to Kshema and Hṛī gave birth to Praśraya.

Dharma’s wife Murti gave birth to Maharishis Nara and Nārāyaṇa, who were a storehouse of auspiciousness in entirety.

At the time of birth of these eminent sages Nara and Nārāyaṇa, the entire creation was filled with auspicious omens. The creation was brimming with happiness. Anger and other defects were washed away from people’s mind and they experienced great peace. All the directions turned peaceful and pure. Cool breeze began to blow bringing happiness and calmness to every being. Rivers were filled with water and they flowed gently. The trees in the forests were filled with flowers and fruits.

Mountains were peaceful. The sounds of celestial drums could be heard. It rained flowers. In immense happiness, eminent saints chanted auspicious hymns. Gandharvas and Kinnaras sang melodiously. Apsaras danced. It was an auspicious time for the entire creation.

Lord Brahma and other Devatas extolled Nara and Narayana as follows,

Yo māyayā viracitaṁ nijayātmanīdaṁ

Khe rūpa-bhedam iva tat-praticakṣaāya

Etena dharma-sadane ṛṣi-mūrtinādya

Prāduścakāra puruṣāya nama parasmai”

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