Bhagawatam 206: Swayambhuva Manu chides Dhruva for killing Yakshas

Fourth Canto Chapter Eleven

In this chapter seeing the destruction of the Yakshas, Swayāmbhuva Manu approaches grandson Dhruva and imparts to him the Supreme Essence. Dhruva calls off this battle with the Yakshas.

Maitreya Maharishi said, “O Vidura, Dhruva heard the Maharishis who were seeking his victory in the war and who advised him to seek the help of Lord Srihari. He immediately performed ācamana (purificatory ritual) and readied his bow with the arrow called Nārāyaṇa astra.

Just as spiritual ignorance (avidya), egoism (ahamkara), likes, dislikes and fear of death vanish the moment spiritual knowledge (Jnana) arises in the person, all the illusions created by the Yakshas vanished the moment he readied the Narayana astra.

The weapon Narayana astra has emerged from Maharishi Narayana. The moment Dhruva fixed this arrow to his bow, many arrows that had huge wings like royal swans and golden bordered feathers flew out from it. Just as a peacock enters the forest making huge hissing sounds, these arrows making thunderous noises cut through the enemy army. The sharp arrows cut the limbs of the Yakshas and injured them badly.

From all directions, infuriated Yakshas held their weapons above them and just as Garuda rushes forcefully towards a snake, they collectively pounced upon Dhruva. With fierce arrows Dhruva cut the heads, hands, legs and stomachs of his enemies who were thus rushing to attack him.

As a result of this frightful war, Yakshas who were distanced from their bodies reached higher celestial places just as supreme saints, through their spiritual pursuits, cut through the solar system and reach the Satya loka, the final abode.

Mounted on his multi-coloured chariot Dhruva began to victoriously travel throughout the battlefield.

Swāyambhuva Manu who saw his grandson Dhruva killing thousands of innocent and faultless Yakshas was agitated. Compassion towards Yakshas flowed from within him. Together with the Maharishis he approached Dhruva and said,

“Alaṁ vatsātiroṣeṇa tamo-dvāreṇa pāpmanā

Yena puṇya-janān etān avadhīs tvam anāgasaḥ

My dear son! Intense anger causes a person to commit sins thereby throwing him into hell. In addition, such intense anger causes the person to remain trapped in this unending cycle of births and deaths.  Succumbing to intense anger you have killed Yakshas who were faultless. Noble persons are going to condemn this horrible act of yours.

This action of killing Yakshas is not befitting our lineage. This is because you are bent upon killing innocent Yakshas. It is true that your love for your brother was unsurpassed. It is also true that you are aggrieved upon his death. But it is also true that for a mistake committed by one amongst them, you are punishing the entire clan. Do you think your actions are worthy and justified?

Nāyaṁ mārgo hi sādhūnāṁ hṛṣīkeśānuvartinām

Yad ātmānaṁ parāg ghya paśuvad bhūta-vaiśasam

Due to love towards their body, animals kill each other. Likewise considering this body to be the Self (atma) you are killing others. Your actions are despicable. This is not the path to be adopted by noble persons like you who are devoted towards all-pervading Lord Srihari.

Sarva-bhūtātma-bhāvena bhūtāvāsaṁ hari bhavān

Ārādhyāpa durārādhyaṁ viṣṇos tat parama padam

It is very difficult to worship Lord Srihari, who is the presiding deity for all living beings and who resides as the Self within all living beings. Through the understanding that all living entities are nothing but His varied manifestations, You have worshipped the all-pervading Lord Srihari.

You have obtained His abode, which is the ultimate destination and which is greatly extolled by the Vedas. You are that supreme devotee whom Srihari remembers. Devotees of the Lord consider you to be of a holy nature.

Moreover, you have directly learnt from Maharishi Nārada the disciplines that should be adhered to by noble saintly persons. Through your exemplary behavior you have become a guide for all noble saintly persons. How then could you commit this mistake?

Srihari resides as the Self within every living entity, isn’t it? Srihari is supremely pleased with the person who has qualities of patience, compassion, love towards all forms of life and faith that everything belongs to the Lord. The person who is totally blessed by Him is liberated from this subtle body and from these worldly bondages which emerge out of the three attributes of Nature. Such devotee merges completely into the Lord who is an embodiment of bliss.

The five basic elements transform into male and female forms in this universe. From the union of man and woman another male or female form emerges.

Evaṁ pravartate sargaḥ sthitiḥ sayama eva ca

Guṇa-vyatikarād rājan māyayā paramātmanaḥ

The Lord’s illusion (māya) causes an imbalance in the mixture of the trigunas (sattva, rajas, tamas) due to which bodies are created. They live for a certain period of time and then they perish. Thus creation, sustenance and dissolution take place. The Supreme Lord remains merely a witness to these actions of creation, sustenance and dissolution.

Just as an iron piece moves when kept in the presence of a magnet, merely from Paramatma’s presence the world emerges from the unmanifest. Thereafter it again merges back into Him”.

Sridharāya namah


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