Bhagawatam 218: The professional singers glorify Prithu.. (contd).

Puruśottamāya namah

The professional singers continued, “Through his deeds King Prithu will fill every person’s mind with happiness and joy. For this reason, the title rāja (king) which means ‘he who causes happiness to others’ is aptly suited to him.

He will eternally be bound to truth. He will possess firm determination. His devotion towards Vedic scholars will be noteworthy. He will serve his elders. Towards the helpless, he will be compassionate. All living beings will find him worthy of seeking refuge.

He will treat other women as his mother. He will love his wife considering her to be half of his body. He will love citizens like a dear father and will protect them always. Like an attendant he will serve Vedic scholars.

Dehinām ātmavat-preṣṭhaḥ suhṛ nandi-vardhana

Mukta-saṅga-prasago ’yaṁ daṇḍa-pāir asādhuṣu 

He will consider all living beings to be his own Self. To friends he will cause increased happiness. He will associate with the ascetics and will develop intense love towards Lord Srihari. In punishing the wicked he will be like Yama.

The Supreme Lord, who is changeless, who resides as the Self within all living beings and who is the Lord of the three worlds has incarnated as Prithu. His energy i.e. Mother Goddess Lakshmi, has incarnated as Arci.

All these visible differences seen in the world appear as if they exist in this Lord, who in reality is the Lord of Prakriti (Nature) and its three attributes, although in reality they do not. Mahatmas experientially realize that this world stems out of spiritual ignorance and has no valid existence.

This king of kings will be an unsurpassed warrior who will protect the entire Earth. Holding the bow in his hand, he will embark on a victory tour and will, like the Sun, circumambulate the earth. As he travels through Earth, the kings of that land as well as the Guardian-deities will worship him and offer tributes. Realizing that he is none other than Srihari, who holds the discus and conch in His hands, the wives of those kings will extol the glories of Prithu.

This king of kings will rule righteously and will give a new lease of life to all the citizens. He will provide them with newer livelihoods. He will milk the earth and extract from her all her treasures and nutrients. As easily as Indra broke the mountains, this king will break mountains and level the lands using the ends of his bow.

When the lion moves in the forests with his tail lifted up, animals run for their lives. Similarly, when this king wanders through Earth with the bow made of goat’s and cow’s horns, the wicked will run for their lives merely upon hearing the twang from his bow. Enemies will fear to even appear in his presence and look at him directly.

He will perform 100 Ashwamedha Yāgas on the banks of River Saraswati. The conqueror of enemies Lord Indra, who had in the past conducted 100 Ashwamedha Yāgas will be jealous noticing this. When Prithu is conducting the 100th Yāga, out of jealousy Indra will steal the sacrificial horse.

In the garden that is adjacent to his palace, he will have a solitary meeting with Maharishi Sanat-kumara. He will reverentially worship the saint and learn from him the pure knowledge that is required to earn liberation.

The king will listen to the people who are praising him for his chivalry and renown. Nothing can hinder his rule, his might and the power of his chariot!

Without any obstacle he will destroy the impediments being faced by the citizens and give them relief. Not only Gods but also leaders of the demonic clans will sing his praises. He will conquer all directions and will become the King for the entire earth”. In this way, the singers extolled King Prithu.

With this the sixteenth chapter of the fourth canto comes to an end.

Fourth Canto Chapter Seventeen

In this chapter, King Prithu unable to see the citizens suffer due to scarcity of food, tries to kill Vasudha (earth) who has retained all medicinal herbs in her womb. At this point Mother Earth worships King Prithu.

Maitreya Maharishi said to Vidura, “Emperor Prithu heard the professional singers who were thus extolling him. He appreciated them and rewarded them by fulfilling their desires. He honoured them and thus pleased them.

Prithu honoured all the ministers, priests, Brahmins, members of all other castes, citizens, soldiers, servants, office-bearers and satisfied them”.

Hearing this Vidura enquired, “O Maharishi, Prithu milked the Earth which was in the form of a cow. Mother Earth has the ability to take on any form it wishes. What is the reason for it to take on the form of a cow? Why is cow so sacred? When Earth took on the form of a cow, who was its calf? How did he milk the cow? Was there any pot into which he collected the ingredients?

Earth inherently is made up of many highs and lows. How did he level the Earth? Why did Indra steal the sacrificial horse from Prithu? O great saint, you have said that Prithu learnt the knowledge pertaining to liberation from Maharishi Sanatkumara, the greatest amongst saints. After receiving this knowledge, what level did he reach? Please explain.”

Puruśottamāya namah.

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