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Kolli Gopalakrishnaih, Vijayawada

Around 1987, my wife expressed a desire to do ‘Lalitha Trisathi’ and asked Sri Swamiji to give her permission. Sri Swamiji agreed and blessed her with a budding rose. Even after fifteen years the rose remained intact!

During 1989, my wife had been suffering with breathlessness and acute pain in her heart; she was having all the symptoms of a heart-attack. In a vision she became aware the Sri Swamiji visited her and she was sitting down in the corner of His kitchen. She felt as though someone was cleaning the valves of the heart with a spoon. Then she felt as if the blockage was being removed. After sometime she was relieved of the pain. After this vision, her history of heart problems was solved forever!

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J Hemalatha, Mysore

When we were living in Mekedatu, once, early in the morning I smelt a very pleasant Vibuthi fragrance. I got up but saw nothing so I lay back and just closed my eyes; I did not completely go into sleep. Meanwhile, I saw Sri Swamiji, in pure white clothes, coming near me. He called, asking me to get up. He caught my hand and took me along with Him high in the sky and there He initiated me into a sacred mantra (mantrōpadesam). At that time He appeared as fresh as dew drops on the grass during morning hours! I could really feel the freshness and was mesmerized with the beauty of the sky and Sri Swamiji! Suddenly He disappeared and as I opened my eyes I realized that I was in my home.

Later when I went to Mysore and asked for Mantrōpadesam, Sri Swamiji said, “I have already given you Mantrōpadesam.” I was shocked! Prior to this I had a small doubt as to whether the incident was true or whether it was just a dream. Now I realized that Sri Swamiji had really come!

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Shelke family, Bangalore

Sri Swamiji used to make impromptu visits to our house in Mysore. Sometimes, He would come late in the night, around midnight, and in order not to wake us, He would remove His padukas and tip toe into the house. He would come and play with the children, sometimes wrestle with my sons. He was a part of my family. He encouraged the children to come to the Ashrama on Saturdays and Vimal and I should go on Sundays.

One Saturday it was late in the night and the children did not return from the Ashrama. My wife got worried and kept pestering me to go to the ashram. I told her, “Why are you worrying about them, they are with Sri Swamiji.” Then at midnight Sri Swamiji brought them home in a car. He went straight to my wife and said, “Why are you worrying about them, they are with Swamiji!” He repeated the very same words I had spoken a while ago.

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Anoesoeja Brijmohan-Hindori, Surinam/Holland

In 1994, I had gone to Mauritius, and a friend gave me a plaque with the letter OM written on it. The next day I was standing on the balcony of my hotel with the plaque in my hand, I was looking out at the clear blue sky with amazement. Suddenly I noticed an object in the sky moving closer and closer to me. I first recognized it as a chariot, and then as it came closer I saw Sri Swamiji’s form in it. Then His form merged into the OM on the plaque, which I was still holding in my hands. From that moment, I stopped seeing Him as my Guru and began seeing Him as God.

On another occasion, I was in Holland at a salon getting a Pedicure. When I was finished and came out to get my car, I realized that it was dark in the parking lot and I was afraid to go alone. Just then, Sri Swamiji came down to me from the sky held my hand and led me to my car. I got in and drove home safely. My God was taking care of me.

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