Why should we bow before Sadguru?

Many believe that by prostrating before Swamiji they have done Him a favour! If someone were to tell Swamiji, “I did not offer obeisance to you” then heart of heart I will be relieved. Because for every prostration offered, Swamiji has to give one blessing in return to that person!

Swamiji does not bless casually, “May you live long happily with your children and grandchildren.” These are the ordinary blessings that elders, parents and ordinary worldly Gurus shower when someone prostrates before them. But blessings showered by Swamiji will be totally different. They are deep blessings filled with immense significance. You have no idea of the blessings He showers. Such is the significance behind offering obeisance (namaskara) to Him.

At times Swamiji announces, “Do not offer namaskara now.” This is because Swamiji is too busy at that minute to accept your prostrations. You may wonder, “What is this? Why does He make such a fuss? I will go to some corner and offer obeisance.” But it is easier said than done. It is not so easy to offer obeisance to Him. Offering obeisance may seem easy to you, but in His eyes it is not so simple. For one namaskara you offer, Swamiji has to take on one additional responsibility of yours!

Devotees are perplexed when people seated next to them do not even bother to prostrate before Swamiji. Why do you worry? Just remain quiet. This is because if that person whole-heartedly prostrates before me, I will have to take on one responsibility of theirs. If he does not, then I am free. I am happy. It ends with it.

If a person refuses to offer obeisance due to his excessive ego, then his question remains unanswered forever. It will never get resolved in this birth. On the other hand, if the person Self-surrenders completely, then his question will get resolved. This is undeniable truth.

One should never Self-surrender to God, with ego. Yet, at the same time, Self-surrender should never be done out of ignorance (ajnana). It should not be done out of coercion or as pretence. Self-surrender should be done with full ripened wisdom (buddhi). Only then doubts get resolved in entirety. Hence one should observe great caution in this matter.


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