Clear Mind (Gujarati) ~ 11 Jan 2015


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  1. Jaya Guru Datta Sri Appaji_/\_!!

  2. Jaya Guru Datta.

  3. जय हो प्रभु।

  4. Anantha Koti Pranams at the Lotus feet of Our Dattatreya Avataara Sadgurudeva _/\_!!

    Our first Nandana lesson started itself with the topic “Clear Mind”.

    -Cultivate noble thoughts in the mind, express them in pleasant words. Thank you Puttuji for this wonderful Gujarati MMS.

    SGS Gems:
    -To brighten the mind install Guru’s light.
    -Under Guru’s guidance odors of the mind can be cleansed.
    -The body is pure. The Soul is pure. Thoughts are the contaminants.
    -Keep your thoughts sparkling clean.
    -Food controls thoughts and behavior. Hence, eat mild, healthy food.
    -Penance of the mind constitutes of being pleasant, gentle, quiet, self-controlled, and pure in thoughts.
    -Allow God to shape your thoughts and decisions.
    -The way to obstruct bad tendencies is to continually think good thoughts and keep on performing good deeds.
    – Thoughts and actions which are free from selfishness and deceit yield quick results.
    -Good thoughts are planted in the heart by Guru.

    Follow The Master:
    It is meditation when a concentrated thought flows incessantly towards its ideal. Any time is meditation time, but morning and evening are most suited to it. Deep meditation leads to intuition and helps to attain an oceanic calmness of mind. Meditation is the basis of all attainments.
    Gems of Purest Rays Serene, Datta Yoga Center, Trinidad. Feb 24 1991:
    Bhajans give you energy. They make your mind calm and peaceful. Mind is always unsteady. It’s speed is unimaginable. It goes to America, London, France and all places within no time. No plane or bus is necessary for it. It travels without passport and ticket. Bhajans have the power to bring wanderings of the mind to a stop. It is the easiest way to attain peace of mind to a stop. It is the easiest way to attain peace of mind.

    From Dattavani.
    HH’s welcome function after His trip to the Antarctica, Mysore, January 12, 2014.
    With control of mind, anything can be achieved. You can walk on thorns; jump into fire or onto ice. Mind is crucial. The mind must be properly controlled. When it is out of control, it can make you do the worst crimes. Mind is Mahadeva (God). The more you keep it under control, the more yoga and joy you experience. There is nothing beyond that. The mind should always be calm. There should never be any disturbance, fear, or cowardice.

    SBS Gems: Sivananda Lahari, August 11,2014..
    Shivananda Lahari # 27 Courtesy: Hira Auntiji.

    Karasthe hemadrou Gireesha nikatasthe dhana pathou,
    Gruhasthe sarvabujamara surabhi chinthamanir gane,
    Shirasthe sheetamsau charana yugalsthe akhila shubha,
    Kamartha dasyoham bhavathu bhavadarthe mama mana.

    “The only thing you do not have is my heart/mind. It is still with me. I have not given it away to you as yet. How cleverly Sri Bhagavatpada speaks. Please accept this. May my mind and all my thoughts be of use to you and of help to you. I wish that they should completely belong to you as your own possessions.
    Daily if you chant this hymn/stotra knowing the meaning and feeling it within your heart, I challenge that concentration will improve and the mind will get cleansed.
    When such a mind is offered to God, He will happily accept and lovingly cherish this gift. Our minds are like elephants and horses that will be kept under His control. Unless God has created this transcendental bliss, we would not be praying for the removal of sorrow and the experience of such bliss. We must keep reminding ourselves of the joy that God has created.”

    Sivaya Guruve Namaha!! Sri Guru Datta!! Om Namo Hanumate Namaha!!

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