Datta maata 54: Which is greater- God’s will or self-efforts?

Once, Dharmaraja posed a question to Bhishma. Which of the two is greater – God or human efforts? Bhisma told that the same question was asked by sage Vasista to Lord Brahma. Bhisma described what Brahma had answered.

The human effort is like a field. God is like the seed. The karta (doer) will get results only when both of these mingle with each other. God will not give any results if there is no human effort. If karma is done by putting human efforts, then God will give results according to it. Just like a fertile land cannot produce any yield without a seed, without efforts even God cannot give any results. We get produce only after the land is tilled and ploughed rightly. We must understand that effort implies karma. Satkarma (good karma) gives good results. A good seed will give good yield and vice versa. This has been our experience in the world. The atom sized fire flares up and intensifies into a large flame. Likewise, gradually God will also become favorable with our human efforts. A lamp will not glow if there is no oil. Similarly, a man will deteriorate without the purification of karma.

Parashurama, Bali, Bhrugu and others had to face many hardships despite putting in many efforts. It was because God was not favorable to them. There are many such instances. Hence, we must never assume that either karma/efforts or God are inferior to each other. At the same time, we must understand that human efforts or God individually will not give any good results. Hence, man must couple both of them and reach the destination called Satphala (good results).

Good results will come to us only of we work hard with a good resolve. Even if we do not get good results despite our good determination, we still feel a sense of peace and satisfaction for doing our duty. But, we certainly do not get any results without a good resolve and efforts. To get good benefits and results, you must do your duty with good resolve and good behavior. Merely doing something will not give any results. How do you get good yield when you have not ensured good manure for the land or ploughed it enough? You will not get the crop. Despite all your efforts for a crop, if a cyclone hits and all your hard work goes in vain, then we must understand the tattva (principle) of God. We may worry if it happens so but it is meaningless to worry for not obtaining any results without any efforts. You have all the resources but you do not want to work hard to achieve results. Hence, you do not succeed. Let us discuss about this further.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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