Datta maata 19: The ideal social life which takes the person towards liberation?

Everybody knows that human is a social being. Why was this structure of society framed? What is its inner meaning? Let us understand this.

The feeling that they do not have protection makes the beings as social beings. In a jungle, the deer, monkeys wish to live and roam in groups. While coming to humans, he made his social life much stronger with his intelligence. He is very proud of doing so. Hence, when he gets a bit of control over the society, he tries to make it his slave. He wants to become the leader and wish others to be his slaves. He wants others to listen to him and he wishes that everything should happen according to his will. This kind of attitude will lead to troubles.

Societal life is not the result of your intelligence. It is a method devised by God to safeguard the weaker sections of the ommunity. It is only a plan to protect the orphans. The first aspect here is that we must understand that this society is for the weaker beings. Another result here is that with the help of societal relationships, the eligible humans can attain divinity. This is the main purpose of living in a society. That is why, since ages, there is a relation that every individual must be of some help to the society in this God’s creation.

The beings other than humans have only physical strength whereas humans have different strengths like wealth, education, jnana. There is another important aspect for us to observe. Education refers to the worldly education whereas jnana refers to spiritual knowledge which is also called experience.

Those who have the power of wealth must help the poor and needy. Those who possess education must become role models to others around. Those who have spiritual experience must teach about the Absolute Truth. This is the inner meaning behind societal life.

Doing in this way will make your societal life happier. In this way, those who have attained such superior qualities will become eligible to attain divinity. One must remember that in the societal life, one must offer selfless service. You must never think you are the leader and that everyone else is inferior. You must remember that very well. We must practice to live in society. We must also get in our mind that leading a societal life implies doing God’s service. Serving the weaker is serving God.

It is wrong to think that they (the weak) are poor/weak or that they do not have knowledge and so on. We must try to bring them to our level. That is the real societal life. You must not wish others to be in poverty such that they will listen to you. It is very wrong to think that such people should not come to the fore front, into power, so on and so forth. If you stamp them down like that, it cannot be called social life. No. Hence, you must try to bring others around you to your level. You must remember this.

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