Datta maata 34: It is not difficult to lead a righteous life

We must live according to dharma. Everybody tells this. Tadātmānam srujāmyahaṁ! When dharma (righteousness) has no value and instead adharma (unrighteousness) rules the world, then the Lord himself will incarnate. This is his oath. God incarnates in the form of mahatmas. He may not come directly. Out of such incarnations, the Guru of Sikhs – Guru Nanak is also very prominent. He always preached about truthfulness. He taught that one must follow Dharma, adhere to truth and must not rob others. Thousands of people used to gather to listen to his preaching. A burglar named Bhumya also was one among them.

One day, that burglar invited Guru Nanak to his home for food. Guru nanak asked him about the job he does and preached him to only tell the truth. Bhumya told that he robs people and survives. Listening to this, Guru Nanak told him that many people may live easily and happily by telling lies, stealing and deceiving others. Such people say that following the path of truth and dharma is very difficult. It is wrong. By following truth, one can get the grace of God and enjoy the bliss of heaven right here on this Earth. For this, Guru Nanak had some condition. Bhumya agreed. Guru Nanak told Bhumya to speak only truth and not to harm those who helped in the past and also told him to show gratitude. If you do so, you can get the bliss of heaven right here. Having such gratitude is very difficult. Many do not have that gratitude towards others. This is the preaching of Guru Nanak. Bhumya promised him and left away.

The bad habits do not leave us so easily. The next day itself, Bhumya got an opportunity to rob the king’s house. He entered the palace out of great difficulty. He wrapped up all the valuable ornaments of the palace. Bhumya was very hungry too. So, he went to kitchen and sat there to eat away all the dishes over there. Meanwhile, he remembered the words of Guru Nanak – “Do not deceive those who offered you food”. He immediately left all the ornaments there itself, stopped eating midway and left the palace.

The next day, Bhumya went to the king’s court and regretted for the mistake he had committed. The king liked Bhumya’s behavior. The king immediately gave him a good job there. By recollecting the words of Guru Nanak, Bhumya lived happily. How beautiful it is to lead life according to dharma! Here, the devotion on Guru and the promise given to him brought so much of transformation. If there was no promise made to the Guru, his preaching cannot be understood. Bhumya accepted his mistake. He left away all that he wrapped to steal away. He did not even eat food. This was because of the Guru’s words that one must not deceive those who feed. If one can follow the principles contained in Guru’s words, even a cruel person can reach the divine state. This story of Bhumya is a very good example. We understand through this story that it is not difficult to lead a dharmic (righteous) life. Many people have a wrong notion that leading a non-dharmic life will give happiness. But, it is totally wrong. Bhumya’s story reminds us that adhering to dharma is very easy.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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