Datta maata 11: What is cultured behaviour and universal brotherhood?

The people who are composed even in anger, who respect women, who speak politely and the sect that gives religious freedom are said to be cultured. This is the definition given by our holy scriptures. In today’s society, people run to those places where there is abundance of physical pleasures.

Firstly we must know the real definition of culture. When the words are filled with truth, such a language is called ‘Sadbhasha’ (good language). When the words are mixed with the feelings of selfishness, it will make us talk lies. When this selfishness increases, it will give rise to anger. The mind which is enveloped by anger will make us talk in a blaming manner. This is the worst state of the language. We also see that a person whose heart is filled with anger hurts even his parents with harsh words. Small children behave as though they are grown up and blame their parents for giving birth to them. This is a kind of disease which is in a very despicable state and hence we must reform it. When this disease disappears, then that state is termed as “culture”. We must think about this a lot.

Any number of meritorious deeds done will not yield results if the women in the house are not respected. It is clearly said that the demigods will not be pleased at all. In many houses, the women are troubled. If the women are humiliated and are tormented by house arresting, then they are said to be suffering with the disease of selfishness. In the history of mankind, the kind of bloodshed that occurred in the name of religion has not happened for anything else. We must accept that the reason for this is the craving for power and selfishness. For an individual or for a class, being freed from the disease called selfishness denotes culture. This must be the goal of everyone. If this is achieved, the bad trait of dividing people into different classes will vanish automatically. Then, we can attain the state of ” Vasudhaika kutumbam” (a belief that the entire word is a single family) that the Maharshis wanted. That must be our motto for victory. We say that orally but we again engage in fighting at our homes. We are becoming worser by having mismatch in opinions. This ideal of “Vasudaika kutumbam” is definitely possible for us. With the grace of Datta Sadguru, we must keep this in mind and we must try to be happy and peaceful in our lives.

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