Vanara Gita 12: Chanting divine names leads to mental peace

While bathing in River Ganga if the person is doubtful as to whether really it will wash away his sins or not, then take it for granted that the bathing is a sheer waste. Due to the doubt entertained, none of his sins will be destroyed. All the money, time and energy that were spent in travelling to reach the river will only go down the drain. The trip is fruitless.

The person should have immense faith. It is the mind which is at the root of all doubts and confusions. When river bath is undertaken with the absolute faith that all the sins will definitely be destroyed and that the mind will be rendered peaceful, then it will definitely happen!

Reciting the name of Hanuman endlessly has exactly the same effect, i.e. the mind will turn calm and peaceful. For this reason only Gandhamādana declared that reciting the name ‘Hanuman’ (nama japa) is a sacred bath!

When reciting or when writing the mantra ‘Om Namo Hanumate namaḥ’ continuously, say for about a thousand times, then somewhere, at some point of time, the mind will get absolute concentration (ekagrata) for a fraction of a second. That concentration enjoyed during that fraction of second is equivalent of having taken a holy bath in the Ganga. Hence, without any doubts and without heeding to the mental disturbances, the person should continue the Hanuman nama japa endlessly.

Engage in healthy discussions about good matters. There are many good topics, good movies, good songs and good books. Do not waste your time in useless gossip. Continuously reciting the divine names of the Lord automatically cleanses the surroundings and renders it pure. Even the greatest mental disturbances can be washed away in the least amount of time due to nama japa. It has the power to drive away even the greatest disappointments in a fraction of a second.

Nama japa becomes our Guru and begins to direct us in the right way forward. Hence it is of utmost importance that children should be introduced to this at their tender age itself.

Many parents leave their children in hostels. It is important that during their formative years they should be under the custody of parents. Only after they obtain the required mental maturity they can be sent to hostels. When they are sent to hostels at young age their affection towards parents reduces. They develop unnecessary friendships. They secure good marks but their mind would not have matured the right way. However after teaching them the right methods and when their intellect has ripened even if they are living in hostels, they will continue to tread the path taught at home.

Our mind is also very child-like. Until devotion is firmly established, until supreme knowledge is obtained or until the mind stabilizes at a particular point, divine names should endlessly be chanted. Always remember that the surroundings of the person who endlessly chants divine names are always peaceful!

Om namo Hanumate namaha.

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