Bhagawatam 124: Diti regrets her sinful deed; Maharishi Kaśyapa indicates birth of a noble grandson

Vishṇave Namah

Diti continued,

“Na brahma-daṇḍa-dagdhasya na bhūta-bhayadasya ca

Nārakāś cānugṛhanti yāṁ yonim asau gataḥ 

This is because even residents of naraka (hell) do not show any compassion towards the person who meets death due to the wrath of a Brahmin or towards the person who has caused fear to other living beings. Even if such a person is re-born in any species in future, other living entities will never show any compassion towards him. For this reason please be merciful” begged Diti.

Kashyapa addressed his wife and said, “Devi! You are remorseful and now deeply repent your wrongful actions. After the completion of the deed you rightly reflected about its merits-demerits. In addition, towards Srihari, Rudra and me you are showing a lot of reverence. Therefore one amongst your sons will beget a supreme son who will be revered by all noble beings. Because of his pure reputation, your grandson will be glorified at par with the Supreme Lord.

He will possess excellent noble qualities such as not having any enemies in this world. Just as impure gold is purified, noble people will imitate his character to purify their inner mind.

Yat-prasādād idaṁ viśvaṁ prasīdati yad-ātmakam

Sa sva-dṛg bhagavān yasya toṣyate ’nanyayā dṛśā

The Supreme Lord is the absolute ruler of this universe. When His blessings are obtained, blessings of the world are also obtained.

Such Self-illuminating Lord Srihari will be supremely pleased with your grandson’s purest focused devotion (ekanta bhakti) and non-dualistic knowledge (abheda jnana).

Sa vai mahā-bhāgavato mahātmā mahānubhāvo mahatāṁ mahiṣṭha

Pravṛddha-bhaktyā hy anubhāvitāśaye niveśya vaikuṇṭham ima vihāsyati

This boy will turn out to be one of the most supreme devotees of that Lord. He will be exceptionally large-hearted. His will wield absolute influence over others. He will acquire fame as the best amongst the greatest personalities. Due to his unflinching focused supreme devotion he will retain the Supreme Lord Srihari within his heart!

He will obtain absolute victory over the senses (indriya jaya). He will give up infatuation and adoration for this body and will conquer it. He will become a repository for every noble and admirable quality. His character will be exemplary. He will be supremely overjoyed when others prosper. He will be sorrowful when others suffer or go through difficult times. He will be loved by one and all. He will not have any enemies. Just as the Moon dispels the unbearable heat during summers, he will drive away the grief of others.

In order to fulfill the desires of his devotees, Lord Srihari periodically incarnates. With His divine illumination He adds luster to the radiant Goddess Lakshmi.  Your grandson will be able to see that Lord Srihari, who shines resplendently with His lotus-eyes and glittering earrings, not only within his heart but also as pervading this entire creation”- Kashyapa Maharishi thus bestowed a boon to Diti and pleased her.

Diti was supremely overjoyed that her grandson would be a great devotee of the Lord. In addition, knowing that her sons would meet death directly in the hands of Lord Srihari, she was no longer dejected.

With this the fourteenth chapter of the third canto comes to an end.

Third Canto Chapter Fifteen

In this chapter the description of Vaikunṭha, the abode of Lord Srihari, is given. In addition, sages Sanaka and others visiting Vaikunṭha and cursing Jaya-Vijaya are covered.

Maitreya Maharishi said to Vidura, “Kaśyapa Prajapati’s radiance is unlimited. As such, the fetus within Diti’s womb turned to be powerful. It had the capacity to destroy the power of others. For this reason Diti was fearful that this powerful seed of Maharishi Kashyapa which she carried in her womb would cause trouble to the Devatas and to inhabitants of other planes.  With this fear she retained this fetus within her womb for a hundred years.

Due to the power of Diti’s unborn sons, the power of all the worlds as well as that of their presiding deities was diminished. Everything was enveloped by darkness. In this darkness it was impossible to distinguish between eastern and western directions. Fear gripped every living being.

In great anxiety the Devatas who were terrified approached Lord Brahma and asked, “O Lord! Have you also noticed this utter darkness that has enveloped everything? It has filled us with unprecedented fear. It does not appear to be within the horizon of your creation. There is nothing unknown to you, O Lord.

O Lord of all Lords! You are the creator of this universe. You accept the worship offered by the Lords of the worlds. You know the opinions of every living being in this creation right from a tiny insect.

Namo vijñāna-vīryāya māyayedam upeyuṣe

Gṛhīta-gua-bhedāya namas te ’vyakta-yonaye

O Lord! Illumination is your real strength. Having accepted Rajo guna (trait of action), which is one amongst the triguṇas, you have manifested in this 4 faced form. You have emerged out of the illusory power of that Supreme Lord. Again and again we offer our obeisance to You!

O Lord, just like a thread that holds the cloth together, all these worlds are held together within You. You are the Lord who rules over every living being. You are the most supreme being. Both cause and effect have their origin in You. The spiritual efforts of that person who, having given up feelings of duality, serves you with selfless devotion and dedication will reach the pinnacle.

Through the process of Pranayama, such persons will be able to regulate and control their breath. Through the process of Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses) they will be able to conquer their senses. Through Dhāraṇa they will bring their mind under control. Through this they will become eligible to receive Your blessings. Such persons will not have to face any defeat or insult of any form in this world.

Yasya vācā prajāḥ sarvā gāvas tantyeva yantritāḥ

Haranti balim āyattās tasmai mukhyāya te namaḥ


Krishnāya namah

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