Srinivasa Kalyanam 2: The Supreme Lord has manifested as Venkateshwara

He is a the manifestation of God, God manisfested on Tirumala. Every one experiences His power and divinity. We feel like listening to His Tattva and miracles. .Who is Lord Venkateshwara? What about His Tattva? We have to explain the Tattva of the Lord to the lay man . . If anyone asks what the Murthy is and what the mountain is .and why  are there seven hills ? We will have to narrate Lord’s miracles. Your job is not completed if you climb the seven hills and have darhsan. Your job is not completed if you say, after praying for a long time, the daughter finally got married or the court case is finalized after 30 years of struggle.  They are not miracles.  We need to tell everyone that  materialistic  achievements are not miracles of the Lord.He is Govinda. He is the direct God.  We have to tell that the Lord is our  protector. He is that Parabrahma who is  in Upanishads.That is the correct name for Venkateswara. How much ever Upanishads, Tarka, Shastra are being chanted or discussed, Lord venkatreswara is the hidden Brahma Swarupa in all of them.

.Lord Venkateswara is the manifestation of God. God manifested on Tirumala. Everyone experiences His power and divinity. We feel like listening to His Tattva and miracles time and again.  

 There is no form for such a Lord. But Venkateshara took this form to enlighten us. The brightness of the jyothi  itself had taken a form and manifested as the Lord. The one who is Swaroopa is alone formless. But, for the sake of living beings like us, He had taken a form in this story. When there is no form, it is only the form of a light. We are comparing the mantra that the jyothi rupa has and the chaitanya that is hidden in jyothi , with any form that exists in the Universe. . That is the reason for worshipping the jyothi rupa. That jyothi swarupa  has taken a form for the sake of ordinary people like us. .That.which is nirguna has the capacity to take Guna.Paramatma is manifested with Guna. We keep arguing and questioning  as to how Paramatma can have Guna?  Paramatma is nirguna rupa since He is seen with Guna, since He came with Guna and is seen as Nirguna rupa since He has Guna. People keep questioning at times  ” if  there is Guna, where is Paramatma ?” . That who is seen with Guna alone is Nirguna Murthy. That nirguna rupa has come with guna. That one who has guna is seen as nirguna rupa . If I continue to speak in the same way, you call me mad since you do not understand what I am speaking . You are mad because you do not understand at all. Since I cannot erase your madness, I am mad. This is how we both are two different types of mad people.But both of us have the same tattva that is madness.  Madness is a kind of obsession.Jyothi rupa is the form of obsession.

The  form of your ignorance and His wisdom unite to form a formless form.  

With one drop of buttermilk, milk gets converted to curd. Such big quantity of milk which is powerful loses its properties when a drop of butter milk is added to it. Milk loses its liquid state and gets converted into a totally different form, a solid state. The form of milk keeps on changing from milk to curd, curd to butter milk when it is churned.  when you churn the butter milk,  you get butter and when you boil butter you get ghee and the “aaviri” or steam escapes. The visible milk on continuous changing of forms, becomes steam that escapes into the atmosphere in an  invisible form.   When we apply oil to our hair, oil gets absorbed thus releasing inner heat of the body. Oil infact is not absorbed either by scalp or by the skin. But people say oil gets absorbed emanating heat.  It is seen in “panchakarma” an Ayurvedic treatment, where oil gets absorbed by the minute pores to heal the disorders present in the body. Mostly oil gets evaporated than being absorbed. It goes into the minutest pores of the body and repairs the affected areas of the body.
 That manifestation is Lord Venkateshwara, without the shankhu and chakra. Maya Murthy. The form of Shiva without the trident, Kumaraswamy without Velayudha.  We are giving a hint of all the weapons of Vsihnu , Kumara Swamy, Bala Devi  and Shiva. Bala Devi is not clearly seen but  Venkateswara swamy is  Balaji !  You also look like Goddess Bala Tripura Sundari, but we cannot call you so. What a great manifestation of the Lord ! Venkateswara Swamy. How can I categorise you ? You look like Vishnu, Shiva, Kumara Swamy . The one which  has no form. Apara Brahmam.

 Purushai Vedai Sarvam.

Annamacharya could visualize the Lord but could not describe the form of the Lord. Annamayya had written innumerable keertanas describing the Lord and had attained a state of “vairagya”. He was immersed completely, pondered over a lot and finally identified Lord as “Parabrahma”. Annamayya could not explain and describe his own visualisation.
 Siri leni Abhaya hastamu , Annamayya said .
He had wonderful experiences.
Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama !!

He praised Trident, Nama, Shankhu, Chakra etc and realized that Venkateswara  is Parabrahma. To attain that stage we have to go through lot of training and lessons. We have to experience the feeling and utter the Nama, parabrahma. . We have to take the names of all the learned people who realized “Parabrahma” and then say that they  follow. Annamayya,  who  crossed innumerable  oceans and mountains of experiences, problems, difficulties and realized the true nature of the Lord like we crossed the childhood to reach this stage. Let us also reach that stage and have the divine experience by saying Venkataramana, Sankataharana!
We need to study a lot, meditate , ponder and experience Parabrahma.Unless we experience that stage, we should not even utter the nama Parabrahma.. Those who experienced  Parabrahma were in bliss. They all called Venkateswara Swamy a Parabrahma. . Since Venkateswara Swamy  is Parabrahma, Venkateswara Swamy responds to  any name.  Vedas praise him as Govinda. He has immense Knowledge and Prosperity.. Hence He is called Srinivasa. He is the treasure house of Knowledge and Propserity.  
 If we just think of the Lord for a second, all the sins get vanished. We cannot anyway have high level discussion to reach Brahman. Srinivasa….Govinda….

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