Vanara Gita 20: Where gentleness exists, peace automatically exists.

Bhakta kalpatarum soumyam lokottara guṇākaram

Suvarcalāpatim vande mārutim varadam sadā.

Meaning- I offer my obeisance to the son of the wind, Lord Hanuman, who is like a wish-fulfilling tree to his devotees; who is gentle and pleasant (soumya), who is a repository of the most extraordinary and exceptional traits (guna) and who is the husband of Suvarchala Devi.

Neela, the son of Agni (Fire God), was one of the prominent Vanaras in Rama’s army. In the war between Rama and Ravana, he killed the mighty and powerful demon Prahasta, who was also a minister in Ravana’s army. Neela played a very pivotal role during the construction of the bridge to Lanka.

Such a warrior praises Hanuman as a Kalpavriksha i.e. wish fulfilling tree. This sacred tree emerged during the churning of the ocean. As this tree fulfills all the desires of the Devatas, until the end of the kalpa (period equivalent to 4.32 billion earth years), it is known as Kalpavriksha. It fulfills every desire. Kalpavriksha means not only to fulfill the desires expressed by the devotee, but also to understand and fulfill those desires that are created (kalpana) in the mind of the devotee. Going a step further, it means, to recognize the desires that will be born in future and to fulfill them even before they are born. A ‘Kalpavriksha’ thus understands those desires that will arise in the future birth of the devotee and fulfills them in this birth itself!

When desires are thus being fulfilled even before they are created, what else can the devotee seek? This is the speciality behind the Kalpavriksha. In fact, Hanuman blesses the devotee with much more than what he (devotee) desires. For thus fulfilling all the desires that enter into the mind of his devotees, Neela praises Hanuman as ‘Bhakta Kalpavriksha’.


Gentleness (soumya) is yet another great trait possessed by Hanuman. Soma also refers to the Moon. He who is calm, gentle and beautiful like the Moon, and he who showers his coolness upon others akin to the Moon, is known as soumya. Just by speaking to a person who possesses a gentle nature our mind will enjoy calmness and coolness. It will jump with joy. That person who just by his speech, grants us this merriment and joy, can aptly be addressed as ‘Soumya’. Where gentleness exists, peace automatically exists. Each of us should imbibe this trait from Hanuman.

Seeing Rama and Lakshmana approaching the Mountain Rishyamukha, Sugriva entertained many apprehensions. The truth was that Rama and Lakshmana were searching for help in locating Sita Devi. Not knowing this, Sugriva suspected them to be enemies or agents sent by his brother Vali, for his destruction. Seeing two mighty warriors approaching them, Sugriva panicked. Not just Sugriva, his entire retinue, barring Hanuman, panicked. Hanuman was calm and composed. He knew that his master and his Lord had arrived. In a very calm and composed (soumya) manner Hanuman preached Sugriva. He put to rest the unnecessary fears expressed by Sugriva.

Our Lord Hanuman is the repository of unimaginable good traits. Just as an ocean contains within it all the precious stones, Hanuman possesses within him every good trait. ‘Maruti’ is one of the most famous names of Hanuman. The divine troops responsible for the sustenance of this entire creation, right from the microcosm up to the Macrocosm are collectively known are Marutt. He who possesses this ability within him is known as Maruti. By addressing Hanuman as Maruti, it means we are recollecting his good traits (gunas) in entirety.


Om Namo Hanumate Namaha.

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