Vanara Gita 29: Through his actions Hanuman taught that life is meant only for serving others

Hanuman crossed the vast ocean as easily as one would cross a tiny puddle braving all the obstacles on the way. He crossed the entire ocean in merely four and half minutes!

Great poets always compare this endless cycle of births and deaths to an ocean that needs to be crossed.  Hanuman helps and ensures that his devotees cross this ocean very easily!

The stature of Ravana was enough to instill fear in the hearts of even the mightiest demons. Yet, in Hanuman’s eyes, Ravana was no more than a small insignificant blade of grass. Hence he could boldly advise Ravana. May such a great Lord protect each and every one!

Moving on to the next hymn Vānara Prahasta states-

Ullangya sindhō ssalilam salīlam ya ssokavahnim janakātmajāyaha
āya tenaiva dadāha lankām namāmi tam prānjali rānjaneyam.

Meaning- I fold my hands in reverence to that extremely brave and courageous Lord Anjaneya, who very easily crossed the ocean; who took away the ‘fire’ called sorrow from Mother Sita and who, using this fire, burnt and destroyed Lanka completely.

This is a very powerful hymn, which is more commonly used as one of the dhyana shlokas during recitation of Ramayana.

In this creation, there are many who strive to attain liberation and also there are many who have been successful in their attempt. Among them, those who not only successfully cross this ocean called samsara, but also help others cross this ocean, are true Mahatmas. They are Sadgurus. These are supreme beings who are really of use to us.

Hanuman crossing the ocean is no ordinary feat. It includes not merely his journey across the ocean, but also includes all the feats accomplished in Lanka such as having the darshan of Mother Sita, giving her great solace, driving away her grief, boldly advising Ravana, destroying and burning the city of Lanka, giving the demons a taste of the power and strength of the entire Vanara race including that of himself and also displaying the might of His Lord Rama. Thus the term ‘crossing the ocean’ includes all the above feats of Hanuman.

Hanuman is Sadguru. He lived selflessly. He proved through his actions that life is meant only for the service of another.

Let us all learn from Him not to live selfishly. Live only for benefit of others.


Om Namo Hanumate Namaha.

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