Vanara Gita 31: Mahatmas survive without allowing worldly impurities to touch them.

Nala, the great Vānara who played the most significant role in the construction of the bridge, states that he eternally offers obeisance at the lotus feet of Lord Hanuman.

Just as a root supports a tree, and just as a foundation supports the building, the feet of the Lord are the foundation for the spiritual journey. ‘I bow at the feet of Supreme Lord, which are the foundational support for my spiritual pursuits’ is the essence behind this prayer. Here the term ‘feet’ refer to the Guru’s feet. Hanuman is being worshipped in his position as a Guru.

The Guru’s feet are always compared to a lotus. A lotus blooms in a pond amidst all the filth and muck, yet it does not allow any dirt from the pond to attach to it. The lotus leaf, the stem, as well as the lotus flower shake away every drop of water falling on them, even though the plant grows only in water. For this reason, lotus is considered to be very auspicious flower.

In a similar manner, great Mahatmas survive in this illusory world, which is a vast murky pond full of impurities, without allowing even a trace of impurity to touch them. The great mahatmas emerge, live and perform expansive and marvelous deeds, yet they are untouched by this impurity. Hence, their lotus feet are worshipped.

Not a trace of impurity can touch the lotus feet of Lord Hanuman, who travelled far and wide to great unseen places, who is omnipresent and who showed his universal form. Nala offers obeisance to such holy feet.

We have earlier discussed the fruits that are obtained by worshipping Hanuman in various ways such as- worshipping his form, reciting his name, circumambulating his temple, being seated within his temple while intently gazing at him, offering various decorations and  vadamala to him (vada is a doughnut shaped fried snack prepared from black lentils popularly offered to Lord Hanuman).

Reciting the name of this Lord is exceptionally auspicious. That is why, in this year, Swamiji has given a universal mantra- Om Namo Hanumate Namaha. The recitation of this mantra will continue for the next year too. Reciting this mantra should turn into a well-drilled habit. As of now, crores of this mantra has been recited by people and tremendous results have been found. Everyone is urged to practise the recitation of this mantra and reap its benefits.

To sing the ‘glory of Hanuman’ means, to recollect again and again, the great accomplishments of Hanuman. With this, our glory also will increase. As the recitation of his name increases, as the meditation increases, as the worship increases, our well-being increases.

The speciality of this hymn is that the word ‘vayu’ (wind, air) appears in each of the 4 lines. This is to stress on the significance of Pranayama in our life. This word ‘vayu’ also highlights the importance of meditation and sadhana in addition to Pranayama. Recollecting Hanuman’s name again and again blesses the person with Yoga. It increases the inclination towards spirituality within the person. This mantra –‘Om Namo Hanumate Namaha’ is applicable to people of all languages.

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