Bhagawatam 070: Mind should be focused on the Supreme Lord alone!

Neither this world nor Prakriti (Nature) which is the cause for the existence of this world, have an existence that is separate from Paramātma, the Lord of the world.

The primordial being (adi puruśa) is the one who resides within every being observing the body, mind and senses. Until the mind is fixed completely upon Srihari, the true Self who exists within, and until absolute devotion is developed in the form of pure unconditional love for Him, the aspirant should, after completing his daily mandated duties without fail, meditate upon the gross form i.e. the Universal form of that Supreme Lord as per the prescribed procedure.

With his purified intellect (buddhi) he should completely control his mind. Thereafter he should merge this intellect into ahamkara (sense of I-ness), which is a witness for the intellect. Ahamkara in turn should be merged into the pure consciousness (śuddha chaitanya). The individual Self, which is in the form of the pure consciousness, should then be merged into Paramātma, the Supreme Self. Only then pure bliss can be experienced!

Remember this procedure. At this point there is nothing more left to be done. He then ceases all his activities.

All the Devatas (Gods) are regulated and controlled by time (kāla) only. Even such time cannot control the real Self. The Devatas who control the various worlds also cannot control and govern the real pure Self!

In other words, nothing can regulate and govern the person who has perfected his sitting posture, is able to meditate with single pointed concentration upon the Supreme Lord, practice Pranayama and merge his individual Self into the Supreme Self. Spiritual Sadhana should be continued until this stage is attained.

This Self is beyond even the three modes of nature (trigunas)! Such Self is nothing but the Supreme Self! No more differences exist. Both are one and the same.

Can light be purchased? It inherently exists. But when light is dimmed it is called darkness and when it is increased it is illumination. In the same manner, when Self-realization is attained, the inherent light has turned into bright illumination. This illumination is Paramātma who eternally glows.

Only where the individual Self has separated from the Supreme Self, nature (Prakriti), mahat tattva, ahamkara (false sense of I-ness) combine.

Therefore knowledgeable aspirants who are desirous of attaining Self-realization mandatorily give up the feeling of the Self (atma bhāvana, Self-sense) in every object which does not appear to be Paramātma (Supreme Self). This includes their body too. (They reject everything that is not God). This is the meaning of the term ‘sarva dharma parityajya’.

When it is said that a person gives up all dharmas, the above meaning should be applied. The entire Bhagavad Geeta is contained in this.

At every second in their heart, they think exclusively about the venerable Srihari, who is the personification of knowledge. They totally free themselves from desires towards every other object. Although they may be engaged in other worldly activities, internally they are focused exclusively upon that Supreme Lord. Neither mentally nor physically will they ever harm others or bring about their grief. They engage in all activities without getting attached to any one among them. They never speak about their inner mental state, “I am not attached to anything. I have no connection with these objects’. They simply continue to perform good actions that have been handed over to them.

After rejecting everything else in the world as non-Self, that which is left is Paramātma alone! ‘This object is not Vishnu; that object is also not Vishnu; this task I am doing is not Vishnu’ in this manner when we begin to segregate objects, only Vishnu will be left in the end. That is liberation. This is the ultimate supreme state! This is the only one which everyone desires to attain! This is the only one which is worthy of attaining!

Recollecting this statement from the Vedas, Maharishis time and again preach about it.

In this manner, based on the knowledge of the Shastras that they have learnt from their Guru, those desirous of liberation should destroy their desires towards material comforts. Giving up performing frutitive actions (expecting some results), they should fix their mind exclusively upon the Self.

At the time of death, without considering it stressful, they should, using the heel of the foot, block the air hole at the rectum. They should push the life-force (prana shakti) up towards the aperture at the crown of the head (Brahmarandhra), through the path of the six spiritual centres (shat chakras). This is Yoga.

Using the heel the life-force is blocked at the rectum and is also prevented from leaving from any other hole. It is willfully pushed on the path of the shat chakras (6 spiritual centres) so that it will travel and reach the aperture at the top of the head. The aspirant ensures that the life-force does not leave the body through any of the 9 holes of the body. The life force which is in the Manipura chakra (at the navel) should be pushed to the Anahata chakra located at the heart.

From there, through the path of the Udāna vayu (upward moving wind), it should be directed towards the Vishuddha chakra located beneath the throat. This is Kundalini Yoga. There are so many books on this topic. Yogis also preach this at all times.

Narayana! Sriman Narayana!

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