Bhagawatam 080: Lord Brahma extols the Supreme Lord

Lord Brahma continued, “Thereafter, your nine brothers Marichi and the other Prajapatis, through the process of Yagna, worshipped the Supreme Lord who had manifested in the form of a Devata. Although the Lord manifested in a gross form, in reality, as He is changeless He remains eternally invisible, pure and unmanifest.

Thereafter in different periods of time, various Manus, Devatas, fore-fathers, Maharishis, human beings and demons worshipped the Universal Lord Srihari, through the process of Yagna (kratu).

Nārāyaṇe bhagavati tad idaṁ viśvamāhitam – Although Lord Nārāyaṇa is devoid of any attribute (nirguna), for the purposes of creation, He accepts the illusory power (māya) and appears as if He has innumerable attributes in Him.

This world, which has manifested completely from Him, is dependent upon Him for support. Based on His orders I create this universe. Rudra, who is under His control, annihilates the world based on His will.

Viśvaṁ puruṣa-rūpeṇa paripāti tri-śakti-dhṛk – The Supreme Lord, who has retained the illusory power (māya) and its three attributes (trigunās) as His instrument, manifests as Vishnu to protects this entire universe.

My dear son! I have answered all your questions. Everything that is created in this world is nothing but the Supreme Lord. There is nothing apart from Him. Please understand this. My son! Remember that my words can never be untrue. My intent can never be wrong. My senses can never ever tread the wrong path. In my heart which overflows with love towards the Supreme Lord, I meditate upon Him eternally. This is the reason behind my meditation.

Veda is my form. I remain eternally steadfast in my austerities (tapas). I am the Lord of all Prajapatis. Everyone pays obeisance to me. Yet, even after practicing intense Yoga with single focused concentration, I could not know the whereabouts of my creator from whom I had emerged.

Nato ‘smy ahaṁ tac-caraṇaṁ samīyuṣāṁ

bhavac-chidaṁ svasty-ayana sumagalam 

I offer my obeisance to those feet of Lord Srihari, which chop down the tree called samsāra (repeated re-births) in those who have sought refuge in Him and thereafter cause auspiciousness and merit to them.

The sky does not know its end-points. In the similar manner, Srihari does not know His end-points in the expansion of his illusory powers. When He himself does not know the end-points of His illusory power (māya), how can others ever know its end-points?

Nāhaṁ na yūyaṁ yad-ṛtāṁ gatiṁ vidur

Na vāmadevaḥ kim utāpare surā

Tan-māyayā mohita-buddhayas tv idaṁ

Vinirmitaṁ cātma-sama vicakmahe

 Neither me, you, Sanaka and other great sages, nor Rudra understand the real original form of that Supreme Lord. When we can’t understand, how can other Devatas know it? We, whose inner-mind is deluded by the Lord’s illusory power, perceive this entire world, based on our individual ability, as separate from Him.

Yasyāvatāra-karmāṇi gāyanti hy asmad-ādayaḥ

Na yaṁ vidanti tattvena tasmai bhagavate namaḥ 

Living beings like us praise the stories and deeds of that Supreme Lord, but none of us have any idea about His original form. I offer my obeisance to such a Lord.

Sa eṣa ādyaḥ puruṣaḥ kalpe kalpe sṛjaty aja

Ātmātmany ātmanātmānaṁ sa saṁyacchati pāti ca

That Supreme Lord, who is unborn, who is the cause for all causes (sarva kārana kārana) and who is the form of the Self, takes on the Universal form in each and every kalpa (period of creation). While inherently remaining changeless the Universal Lord manifests in the form of the Universe. He protects and sustains it and at the end of creation He annihilates it.

The Supreme Lord is absolutely pure. It is non-dual. It is an embodiment of total Spiritual Knowledge. It manifests as the individual soul within living entities. It is perfect, eternal and complete in all aspects. It is without beginning and end. It is beyond all attributes. It is beyond the past, present and future time periods.

O Nārada! Great sages who possess undisturbed minds, bodies and senses are able to understand Him. But, if one seeks to know about Him through debates and useless arguments that are against the dictates of the Vedas, it will not yield any result. He will not be visible.

Hiranyagarbha is the first incarnation of that Supreme Lord. Eternal time (kāla), illusory power (māya), cause-effects, Mahat tattva (principle of material creation), egoism (ahamkāra), the three components of nature (trigunas), the five basic elements (pancha bhūta), senses, Universal body, Universal Lord, the hordes of living beings, the 3 Primary Gods, all Prajāpatis beginning from Daksha, you, Sanaka and other sages, all the Lords of heaven beginning from Indra, Garuda and all other protectors of the bird species, kings and also the rulers of hell are nothing but manifestations of that Supreme Parabrahma.

Gandharva kings, Vidyadharas, Cāraṇāś, Yakṣās, demons, serpent-kings, Nāgās, Maharishis, fore-fathers, demon-kings, accomplished siddhas, bhoota, preta, piṣāca and other ghosts, evil spirits, Kuṣmāndas, aquatic animals, powerful animals and birds – all of them are manifestations of the Supreme Lord. Everything in this world which consists of the six types of opulence viz., beauty, wealth, fame, knowledge, strength and dispassion; that which is filled with radiance, sensory strength, mental strength and bodily strength; that which is replete with patience; which is filled with auspiciousness, wealth, intelligence and disciplines; that which causes astonishment; that which is with form or without form- understand it to be the form of the Supreme Lord.

Narayana! Narayana!

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