Bhagawatam 084: Divine incarnations of Srihari (contd..)

 23) Pākhanda:

Maya constructed and handed over 3 cities which moved at unimaginable speeds to the Tripurāsura demons. Although these Tripurāsura demons adhered to the path of the Vedas, they still inflicted torture on all the planes of existence (loka). In order to cause infatuation in their intellect and thereby to make them tread the wrong path, Srihari incarnated as Pākhanda. In this incarnation He preached the philosophy of atheists (nāstika-siddhanta).

24) Kalki:

At the end of Kali Yuga, there will no scope to hear the stories of Srihari, even in the homes of the pious. Even those who have to undergo thread ceremony and learn Vedas will turn into atheists. Kings will tread the path of unrighteousness. Swāha, Swadha and Vaśhat, the 3 words connected with Yāgas (fire rituals), will no longer be heard. In that terrible period Srihari will incarnate as Kalki. He will overpower and rule Kali, the presiding deity of this Kali Yuga, and will destroy unrighteousness.

For the purposes of creation I (Lord Brahma), penance (tapas), the nine sages beginning with Marichi, Daksha and other Prajapatis, are created. For the purposes of sustenance (sthithi) Vishnu, Dharma, Manu, Devatas and Kings manifest. At the time of annihilation snakes, unrighteousness, Rudra and demons manifest as illusory incarnations of that Supreme Lord.

There is none in this creation who can measure the power and might of Lord Srihari. Even that intelligent person who manages to count all the sand grains in this universe will fail in assessing the prowess of Lord Mahavishnu. Perhaps through some machines or through intelligence they may be able to calculate the number of sand grains on earth. But it is impossible for such persons to even estimate His might. This is because this Lord, in His incarnation as Trivikrama (Vāmana), swiftly and playfully measured all the 3 planes of existence (lokas) with His 3 feet. At this juncture, not just the three planes, but even the Satya-loka, which is situated above them, trembled in fear. The Supreme Lord, at such time, stabilized the Satya-loka.

Srihari’s energy is nothing but the power of illusion (māya) which is responsible for creation, sustenance and annihilation. Neither me nor Marichi and your other elder brothers are able to fathom the extent of this energy of the Supreme Lord. What more can be said about other beings?

The 1000-headed serpent Adishesha, has been singing the glories of Srihari from times immemorial with all his mouths. Even then he has not been able to reach the end.

Unfailingly, the Supreme Lord shows compassion towards that person who without any deceit and with total concentration of mind seeks refuge in His holy feet. As a result, such devotee crosses over the enormous ocean of illusion which otherwise is impossible to cross. Those who have feelings of infatuation and attachment towards this body, which after death turns into food for dogs and jackals, cannot obtain this luck.

O Nārada! Me, you, Sanaka and your other elder brothers, Sadāshiva, Prahlada the most supreme amongst demons, Swayambhuva Manu, his wife Śatarupa, their sons Priyavrata, Uttānapada, their daughters Devahuti and others, Prachinabarhi,  the ascetic called Ŗṣabha, Anga, Dhruva, Emperor Ikshvāku, Pururava, Muchukunda, Gādhi, Emperor Janaka, Ambariśa, Sagara, Gaya, Yayāti the son of Nahuśa, Mandhāta, Alarka, Satadhanva, Anu, Rantideva, Bheeshma, Bali Chakravarti, Amurttalaya, Dilipa,  Soubhari, Uttanka, Emperor Śibi, Maharishi Devala, Pippalāda, Sarasvata, Uddhava, Parāśara, Bhūriṣeṇa, Vibhishana, Hanuman, Śukadeva, Arjuna, Artishena, Vidura, Śrutadeva, and others saints have been able to understand about the Lord’s Māya (illusory power).

Women, Shudras, sinners, elephant and other animals should serve the ardent devotees of Lord Srihari. From such devotees, if they learn the proper procedure for worshipping the Supreme Lord they too can understand the Lord’s illusory power and cross it. This being the case, is there any need to specifically mention the superiority of those who chant the Vedas with dedication?

This Supreme Lord, in His incarnation as Vāmana, playfully measured all the three planes of existence with His feet. Always remember that the Supreme Essence which is untouched by these transitory pleasures and pains, which is eternally filled with peaceful knowledge, which is untouched by the sin called attachment to worldly bondages, which is devoid of any form of differentiation, which is beyond cause-effect relationship, which is a form of the Self, which is a form of eternal bliss and which is devoid of even a trace of sorrow, is the real form of that primordial being or Ādi Puruśa. This is the experience of the Maharishis.

Neither the rituals of Yagnās and Yāgas that are replete with many actions nor the Vedic chants that speak about these Yagnas, can explain the actual Supreme Essence as is truly exists. That Supreme Essence cannot be acquired, earned, obtained through some transformation or freshly created. Māya devi (the presiding deity of this illusory power) is ashamed to be seen in the surroundings of Self-realized saints.

The knowledge of the Self is not tied down to these worldly bondages. Just as Lord Indra who shines in the form of the rain-bearing clouds has no necessity to use a spade and dig wells, the Yogis who have completely controlled the mind have no use of the efforts that are undertaken to suppress differentiation.

All the auspicious deeds that humans undertake happen solely because of the inspiration from that Supreme Lord. It is He who showers upon them the appropriate fruits for their good deeds. This entire visible world, which is carved out of the gross and subtle essences, is located within Him only.

Just as the space within the body does not undergo transformation when the body made up of flesh and bones is totally destroyed, the Self, who illumines within the body, does not undergo any transformation at the time of death of the body. He does not perish. He is devoid of transformations such as birth, old-age and death.

My son! I have explained to you in brief about Lord Srihari, the creator of this universe. This world which is the outcome of a cause-effect relationship does not have an existence which is different from its creator Lord Srihari. But He shines as a form of illumination that is distinctly different from that of this universe”.


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