Datta maata 9: What is meant by selfless service (nissvartha seva)?

The word “Seva”(service) has strange definitions in different languages. What is the meaning of seva in reality?

We may define seva as doing anything by not accepting money. But, then we have to consider the free services rendered by the people as seva when they are threatened to be killed by a street rowdy. We may define seva as work done out of love without accepting money. But again, the seva done by people who wish to earn good name also might come under this category.

Hence, we can define seva as beneficence that is done out of love and is completely devoid of selfishness and fear. If someone is doing seva just because the rowdy will kill him, then it cannot be called as seva.

Hence, if one person serves another in this world, the one who serves must possess affection on the one whom he serves. Hence, we must develop mental relationship with God irrespective of our selfish motives. We must try to reach that stage in our love towards God. If that kind of relationship develops gradually, then one will automatically realise that the God whom one loves is the one who is behind the creation and he is the one who is present in each and every being. Such a kind of person can never loathe anybody in this creation. Not just that, he would love all the beings selflessly. That love is permanent. For that love to be permanent, we must always remember that God dwells in the hearts of all beings.

If one can do seva universally, then it is possible to attain godliness irrespective of the physical body. Those who have desires and wanting for power will never get that universal feeling of love. Only those who wish to reach Paramatma can get such feeling. One can realise Paramatma if and only if one possesses selfless devotion. With the grace of Datta Sadguru, may you all reach that state. This is the resolve of the Lord.

So, here we learn that there must not be any traces of selfishness even if you render thousands of services to the society. You must not announce that you have done this, that and so on. You must not say that because of your services, your future generations and people around will be happy. It is wrong to talk about your help and services rendered. You must not expect anything in return. You must not say that you were not thanked by the one whom you fed. He ate the food and satiated the hunger and that’s all. Instead, you should not wait for others to appreciate you and show their gratitude. This is selfless service (seva). When we follow such behavior, we can get enlightenment.

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