Bhagawatam 098: Destruction of Yadu clan; Srikrishna decides to leave earth

Om Padmanābhāya namah

Bhagavān api viśvātmā loka-veda-pathānugaḥ

Kāmān siṣeve dvārvatyām asaktaḥkhyam āsthita

 Lord Srikrishna, who is the universal Self, enjoyed the comforts in Dwaraka while adhering to the customs of the world, strictly abiding by the Vedic dictates, being firmly established in the ultimate Supreme Knowledge of Sat+chit+ananda, and with absolutely no desire towards this materialistic world. In this way he established the path of knowledge in this world.

Not just the inhabitants of earth but also the inhabitants of all celestial plans were captivated with His charming pleasant glances accompanied by tender smiles; His nectarous words; His unblemished character and His form which was the residence for beauty in entirety.

During the free time at nights he accepted the loving services offered by the enthusiastic Gopikas and enjoyed rāsa kreeda. Thus, without any form of attachment/ desire, He enjoyed the bliss of rāsa kreeda for many years. He was by then totally detached towards comforts that grihasta ashrama (householder’s life) had to offer.

Even those ardent devotees of Lord Srikrishna, the Lord for all Yogis, who with absolute dedication serve the Lord through means of Yoga of action (Karma Yoga) and knowledge (Jnana), are under the control of that Lord. Such persons who are totally under divine control do not show any inclination towards these material pleasures. They do not get trapped in them. Thus when it is explicitly clear that a devotee does not entangle himself in these worldly comforts, is there any need to emphasize specifically that the Lord does not get entangled in them?

It so happened once that the children belonging to Yadu and Bhoja clans who were playing in Dwaraka infuriated the Maharishis through their deeds. In accordance with Srikrishna’s divine intent, the Maharishis cursed these boys.

Many months passed. Due to the illusion created by the Lord, the Yadavas belonging to the Vṛṣti, Andhaka, Bhoja clans enthusiastically mounted their chariots and proceeded to Prabhāsa kshetra. They bathed in the waters at Prabhāsa kshetra and dutifully completed all the offerings to be made to Devatas, forefathers, sages and pleased them all. To the Brahmins they gave cows in charity.

These Yadavas used their lives for protecting cows and Brahmins.  These valourous Yadavas also gave to Brahmins gold, silver, costly items, jewellery, beds, blankets, palanquins, chariots, animal skins used for seating, elephants, girls, fertile lands, tasty food and many other valuable items in charity.

While giving these items away in charity, they fixed their minds completely upon the Lord and offered the results of those actions to Him. Thereafter they offered obeisance to the Brahmins by bowing down completely before them.  They supremely protected the Brahmins and the cows in this manner”.

With this the third chapter of the third canto comes to an end.

Third Canto Chapter Four

In this chapter the destruction of the Yadava clan is detailed. Understanding the teaching imparted by Uddhava and with a desire to obtain liberation, Vidura approaching Maharishi Maitreya is also covered.

Uddhava continued, “Those Yadavas who completed their charitable activities took leave of the Brahmins. They now had a sumptuous lunch. Thereafter they consumed liquor. Due to the influence of this liquor, the knowledge in them completely eroded. Oblivious of their actions they began to hurt each other using harsh words.

By sunset the effect of this liquor was at its peak. Just as friction between bamboo trees in the forest creates alarmingly scary sounds, this fight between the Yadavas turned fearfully violent.

Bhagavān svātma-māyāyā gatiṁ tām avalokya sa

Sarasvatīm upaspṛśya vṛka-mūlam upāviśat

The Supreme Lord with His transcendental divine vision foresaw this destruction of His Yadava clan. He then bathed in the River Saraswati and sat down under a tree.

That Supreme Lord, who comes to the aid of those in distress, having decided to withdraw into himself that lineage in which He had taken birth, previously had called me and said, “O Uddhava, you have conquered the senses! Now you proceed to Badari ashrama”.

I understood the reason behind this message given. Yet, despite His message, I was unable to bear separation from His lotus feet and for this reason I followed Him. Searching for my beloved and dearest Lord, with my mind exclusively focused upon Him I was wandering everywhere.

When that Lord, who is the refuge for every being, was seated under a tree by the banks of River Saraswati, I saw Him.

I was able to recognize this Lord, who is the eternal truth, who is of bluish complexion, who has red eyes, four hands and who wears golden yellow clothing, even from a great distance. He was seated under a banyan tree with his lotus-like right foot on his left thigh. By then He had completely abstained from any form of food including fruits. He had completely discarded all sensory comforts. Even then He looked cheerful and blissful.

At that time the supremely knowledgeable Maharishi Maitreya, who was His ardent devotee and a friend of Maharishi Vyasa, arrived there accidently during his travels. Maitreya Maharishi had supreme love and devotion towards Srikrishna. He would always abide by Srikrishna’s dictates and would joyfully listen to His words.

Srikrishna, the Lord of liberation, looked at me cheerfully. With His joyful glance all my bodily exhaustion was blown away and I was bursting with joy. Addressing me he said, “O Uddhava, in your previous birth you were a Vasu. I am aware of your deep desire. I will fulfill that desire of yours which cannot be attained by others. Previously in the Yagna that was performed by Vasus and Prajapatis you participated in the Yagna with the desire to obtain me.”

Padmanābhāya namah

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