Fingertips and breath are the reins that control the human horse ~ Datta Kriya Yoga – Vayu Mudra ~ 25 July 2014

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  1. Jaya Guru Datta Sri Appaji _/\_!!
    Happy Ashadha Sukravara prostrations at the Lotus feet of Our Dattatreya Avataara Sadgurudeva _/\_!!

  2. Courtesy:Charles Streightoff
    Sri Swamiji has repeatedly stated that “Ramayana is in your body”. Sri Rama is Parabrahma (God pervading throughout the universe). Sita (Rama’s wife) is Atma (the divine spirit within your body). Rama and Sita are both yearning to be reunited with each other. Hanuman reunites Sri Rama and Sita. Hanuman, the son of Vayu (the wind God), is your sacred breath and Prana. So, it is your sacred breath, the divine mantra given to you at birth, which will reunite the spirit within you with Parabrahma.

    SBS Gems, September 6,11,Nuzvidu.
    Chaturmasya Deeksha, Pravachana on “Ashtamurthi Vaibhavam”. Courtesy Nagamani Auntiji.
    Bhajan :
    Pavo Sharana Samba Shankaraki
    Ugraya Vayu Murthaye Namaha!
    Sri Kala Hasteeswara Swami is Ugra Murti [ Shiva in anger ] But His history is very peaceful.He blesses all the devotees in the form of Vayu linga.His wife’s name is Deeksha that which is required to concentrate to chant a Guru Mantra. Their progeny are people of the world who are practicing Yoga.He protects all those who practice yoga since yoga is associated with inhalation and exhalation of Air/ vayu. All of us do breathe. But it becomes a yoga sadhana when we constantly concentrate on our breath with a smiling face and a feeling that paramatma enters our body through the inhalations and through the exhalations He goes out into the Brahmanda to get back to His Omnipresent state.While doing Yoga sadhana , along with all other Mudras, pleasant countenance is also a mudra and is important.Forget all your pain and problems, inhale and exhale to purify internally and then attain a spiritual upliftment. Touch your eyes gently with fingers and open the eyes slowly. Practise it everyday.This is Sahaja ranayama.You will get blessed by Vayu murti.

    From Health and
    The physical body is made up of five elements namely – Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Aakash (ether – the tiny intercellular spaces in the human body).
    Imbalance of these elements disrupts the immunity system and causes disease.
    Deficiencies in any of these elements can be made up by connecting one part of the body with another in a particular manner through Mudras.
    When a finger representing an element is brought into contact with the thumb, that element is brought into balance. Therefore the disease caused by the imbalance is cured. Mudras start electromagnetic currents within the body which balance various constituting elements and restore health. The joining of fingers creates an effect on the human body.
    Five Fingers for Five Elements
    * Thumb Fire
    * Index Air
    * Middle Aakash
    * Ring Earth
    * Little Water
    Who said Vayu could not be seen? The dancing plants make us not only feel Vayu, but also see it. Pranams and thank you Puttuji for the wonderful DKY MMS !! We will practice regularly.
    Sivaya Gurave Namah !! Sri Guru Datta !! Om Namo Hanumathe Namah!!

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