How does Sadguru help his devotees?

Swamiji is a true friend who blesses you with the required mental strength to handle your difficulties. A doctor can prescribe medicines and sympathize with you but can he share your physical pain? Similarly Swamiji helps you withstand the burdens of your karma. He rescues you and prevents you from drowning in it.

More importantly, Sadguru prevents you from committing the same mistake again and again! He is a good guide. But for all this it requires complete surrender and a prayer to guide you. Only then will He accept responsibility for you. This external show of faith and devotion will not work with him.

Swamiji can directly see your heart and your inner feelings. Based on this he will assess to what degree he should help you. Do continuous Nama japa. It is very difficult to reach that stage of complete surrender.

  • Bhaktimala Sep and Oct 2002

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