How does Swamiji come in our dreams? How can He communicate heart to heart with the devotee?

Swamiji looks upon everything and everyone equally. When you share your grievances with Him or tell Him your sorrows, when you talk to Him and when He is in your thoughts, He enters you and shares yours sorrows and joys along with you and at the same level as you. When you weep and are aggrieved, He too weeps. When you are joyful, He too is joyful. Each time He comes down to your level and once again returns to His level. He can do this instantaneously and thus He can help you. He is able to stand by you both in good as well as bad times.

Swamiji has no personal experience or opinion about his miracles. He possesses sankalpa siddhi (power of intention). That is why He can be calm, peaceful and contended at all times.

-Glimpses of Bhaktimala 4

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