It is always said that we should hold our God or Guru whom we worship in high esteem. How logical is it?

In case a person does not have a feeling that ‘My God is very powerful or my Guru is the greatest’ then it is impossible to have complete reverence and regard towards his/her Guru. While praying to one God if you get the feeling that some other God is greater, then is it possible to continue your prayer with a firm mind full of faith? Therefore it is very important to hold your Guru in high esteem.

However while it is important to have complete regard and respect towards your Guru, it is also important to remember that it is applicable only to you. ‘Your God is greatest, your Guru is supreme’ but to whom does it apply? Only to you. Therefore you have no right to ridicule or criticize any God or Guru that others may be worshipping. Even commenting about it is wrong.

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