Light indicates the inner light (Telugu) ~ 15 Nov 2014


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  1. Jaya Guru Datta Sri Appaji_/\_!!
    Anantha koti pranams at the Lotus Feet of Our Karuna Sagara Shivaswaroopa Sadgurudeva _/\_!!

    • K Suresh K Raju on November 16, 2014 at 1:01 am

    Jaya Gurudatta Appaji. On Namo Hanumate Namaha

  2. Yat-sattaya jagat-sattvam yat-prakaashena bhaa-yutam
    Nandanam ca yadaa-nandaat tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha ||SGG 51

    Yes.You are the Inner Light.It is His light.And that light is bliss. That light and bliss are revealed as your wisdom and joy.But you get sorrow because of the wheel of illusion within you.You get this knowledge.It is by the Grace of the Guru and hence obeisance to such a Guru.

    SGS Gems:
    -Offer lamps to God, to inspire the inner light to get kindled.
    -The inner light is to be meditated upon.
    -The inner light shining constantly reveals itself through the mirror called the mind.
    -Sun gives outer light. Guru gives inner light.

    HH. The inner light is shining constantly. It reveals itself through the mirror called the mind. The defects in the mind blur the light within. But actually that light remains ever unaffected by the modifications of the mind. Man should ignore the limitations of the mind and should get fixed in the inner light. The inner light is God. Seek Him should be the aim of man.

    HH,October 25, 2001, Mysore.
    Courtesy: Hira Auntiji.
    Deepa means light. Light means Jnana, spiritual knowledge. In all religious traditions it is customary for people to light a lamp and then close their eyes to visualize their inner light. The moment you see a light you think of jnana and show respect; just as the moment you see someone wearing ochre robes you automatically give respect because the ochre robes symbolize sacrifice.

    HH, Jan 19, 2003,Satsang in Peethapuram’s animal fair grounds
    Courtesy: Dattatreya Hare Krishna.
    You have unnecessary attachment over small and big things in the world. You should be like a Kamala flower. It blooms when sun rises and it folds back when Sun sets.
    In Ramayana, child Rama’s eyes are compared to this flower. Heart is a fruit. An apple. An orange. A papaya. Body is a Tulasi leaf. A Bilva leaf. Body dries up like a leaf. Our tears are the Abhisheka to the lord. This is Indriya Puja. We are undergoing all this because of our desires from other lives. When we cannot offer in this life, how can we know from other lives? It is a big mystery. Kill your ego. Then only the inner light shines.

    SGS Gems:
    July 20,2011, Nuzvidu:
    Courtesy: Nagamani Auntiji.
    The one who is making the world energetic, who cannot be illuminated by any one of the things in this world as paramatma is luminous by Himself. The inner light is very important. We should be able to see with that inner light. That inner light is present in blind people too.
    In our ashram we are performing Anagha vratam exclusively for blind people. They are able to see with Atma drishti. We are doing this journey because of God. When all of us are asleep, He keeps watching protecting the world.

    Antar jyotir bahir jyothih
    Pratyak jyotissanätanah |
    jyotir jyotih swayam jyotih
    Ätmajyotis shivosmyaham ||
    Enjoy the light within. MSSJi

    Recalling some light filled illuminating MMSes:
    -The defects in the mind blur the light within

    -Light is a symbol of Truth

    -Be a ray of light wherever you go

    -Learn to see the light (Malayalam)

    -Guru spreads the light of Knowledge

    -The love of the Sun lights up the sky

    -Lighting lamps for God makes everyday a festival of lights

    -Brighten the mind with Guru’s light

    -The Sun lights up the world. Ganapati Guru illumines the heart

    – Paramjyothi-He alone, who gives light to all that glows, and is self-effulgent, is God

    -Withdraw the senses from the outer world & focus the mind on the inner light. DKY- Leo – Simha Mudra

    SatChitAnanda Rupaaya Krishnaaya Aklishta Kaarine, Namo Vedanta Vedyaya, Gurave Buddhi Saakshine ||
    Sivaya Guruve Namaha!! Sri Guru Datta!! Om Namo Hanumate Namaha!!

  3. velugutoo veligistunna deepamaa , nee veluge maa jeevana jyoti !

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