No scientist can replicate the sacred, delicious, and medicinal honey ~ Ayurveda – Honey ~ 24 July 2014


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  1. Jaya Guru Datta Pranams Sri Appaji _/\_!!
    Happy Guru Day prostrations at the Lotus feet of Our Parama Pujya Dhanvantari Bhagavan, Ayur Nada, Mauna Yoga Sadgurudeva !!

  2. SGG #:80
    Tasyai dise satatamanjali resa nityam
    Praksipyate mukharitaliyuta prasunaih
    Jagarti yatra bhagavan guru chakravarty
    Visvasthiti pralaya nitya sakshi ||

    SGS Gems:
    -Let your thoughts, words and deeds be sweet as honey.
    The flower does not lock up its honey but man locks up his treasures.

    Sadgurudeva,March 5 & 6,2014, Rameswaram.
    Source: Dattavani.
    Keep a pan with water mixed with a little honey, and keep a few grains such as millet for the birds to eat, that is enough. The birds will relish that water and food. Wherever they may be, when they get thirsty, they will remember this mother’s home and will come there. You will find such happiness at the sight of the birds returning day after day to get food and drink at your home. At first they may not come out of fear. After several days, they will gain confidence that it is safe and begin to come to feed. You will begin to see your relatives and even Swamiji in them.

    In Telugu there is a very nice song with many questions. Emi seturaa linga? What am I to do, O Lord Siva? When I bring milk from a cow to do abhishekam for you, the calf says that it has contaminated the milk with its saliva. When I bring water from the river Ganga to perform abhishekam for you, the fish and the frogs in the water declare that they have contaminated the water with their saliva and filth from their bodies. When I try to offer white flowers in worship, the bees claim that they have already tasted the honey from those flowers, and have contaminated them with their saliva. What is left for me to offer you that is pure, O Lord Siva? I am helpless. I will merely offer my obeisance and chant Namassivaya. I can only chant your name. I am unable to avoid incurring sin by offering impure materials. What can I do? That is why I say, just offer your prostrations and name chanting.

    Sadgurudeva, March 30, 2014,Hyderabad.
    The parrots are very loving towards Swamiji. If I say to them that I am hungry, they bring and feed me pieces of apple. One small bird places honey on my lips from its own food bowl. If I spit it out afraid of infection to the bird from my saliva, it gets upset and pokes me all over the face. It brings me honey again and waits and watches until I accept it. Then it is happy. It keeps chanting in my ear Datta Datta in a soft voice.

    This special song offering was made by Pujya Bala Swamiji to Sadgurudeva on His 69th birthday on June 12, 2011 at Haridwar ashram. It was set to tune and led by Mani.
    Courtesy:Hira Duvvuri Auntiji.

    Refrain: Sadguro Ganapati Sachchidananda Datta chittananda saananda makaranda
    1. Puttinti bandhuvulu mettinti bandhuvulu endarendaro galaru maakandaraku indu
    Okkadave neevauduvaatma bandhuvu maaku janmaanikaavali todayye bandhuvu
    2. Jayamicchu lakshanamu needanchu teluputaku Jayalakshmi garbhaadri udayistivaa soorya!
    Veda dharmaalilanu poshinchi penchutaku avatarinchina datta gururoopa aachaarya!
    3. Neerasinchina janula baadhalellaa deerchi aatmarasamunu panchi sukhapettedavu neevu
    Raaginee raga sadvidyato veligeti anuraagi bhoogola sanchaariveevu
    4. Bhakta Hridayamu chera nee navvu maadhyamamu duhkhaala cheripeti karma neekaadyamu
    Jaya jaya dhwaanaalu chesemu mee koraku vandellu velagaali mee velugu maa koraku

    English summary:
    Refrain: O Sadguru Ganapati Sachchidananda, Datta Sadguru, sweet as honey and full of joy!
    1. We all have so many relatives here from our parents’ side and the in-laws’ side. Yet, you are our only soul-mate and closest relative who is with us even beyond these lifetimes.
    2. O Sun God! Did you choose to rise on the eastern hill called Jayalakshmi’s womb to proclaim to us your quality of always giving (Jaya) victory? You are born as the Datta Sadguru, the preceptor, to preserve and nourish the Vedas and to establish firmly the code of righteousness.
    3. You destroy the difficulties of the weakling humans. You feed them soul juice to give them comfort. You shine with the glory of the celestial science of Raga Ragini. Out of Love you travel the entire Earth constantly.
    4. Your smile is the medium that wins the hearts of devotees. You first use Karma (prescribed austerities) to dispel the sorrows of your followers. We repeatedly shout chants of “Victory!” to you. Your light should shine for us for a hundred years.
    O Sadguru Ganapati Sachchidananda, Datta Sadguru, sweet as honey and full of joy!

    Courtesy Hira Duvvuri Auntiji:
    H -Honey hued
    A – Air born and Air borne
    N – Naturally brilliant
    U – Unsurpassed in devotion
    M – Master of Divine Music
    A – Always ready to serve and protect
    N – Never defeated

    Dattavatara Sadgurave Madhuram !! Madhuram !! Sri Guru Datta!!

    Puttuji – Thank You for teaching us the medicinal benefits of honey.
    MMSes are real Honey for us !!
    Bees work so hard just for us to be able to enjoy the nectar of their labor. Honey when taken with some lime juice and hot water in the AM provides superb energy for a brisk walk. It is also supposed to burn fat off that way. All in all – a great food choice to have.

    Sivaya Gurave Namah !! Sri Guru Datta !! Om Namo Hanumathe Namah!!

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