Our mind at times pushes us towards bad actions. When we tend to disregard such messages from the mind, are we not cheating our mind?

Disobeying the mind definitely amounts to cheating it. But a very important thing to be understood here is that at certain times our mind itself is our biggest enemy. It sends out negative or evil instructions. It tries to spoil you and thereby destroy you. At such a critical time you seek the guidance of a Guru or a master who is well versed in these matters.

A pure Guru is like a lamp. He will show you the right path as against the wrong one. He is that person who has conquered the bad part of the mind and has been able to keep it under his control. He clearly knows what is ultimately good for you. So, all you need to do is to follow what He says. Under His guidance and as per His instructions, learn to involve in good activities only. This cannot be cheating the mind.

You need to repair a bad mind. You should at first set right your mind and thereafter you should make use of its help for your good. Such a thing is possible purely with the help of a Sadguru. He knows how to pick the good from the bad. He will gradually give you the energy to identify what is good and what is bad for you. This mind can at times behave like a stubborn baby. Be alert.

Sometimes the Guru says, “Yes, this is good. Do this.” Else He may say, “This is bad for you. Don’t do this.” You have faith, just obey. If he says to do, go ahead and obey. If he says, don’t do, then also blindly obey and listen. In your mind you may think, ‘why is Swamiji saying like this?’. This appears good for my future. Then why is He asking me not to do this? Later after some period of time you will understand- ‘oh, what I thought was good for me would actually have been bad for me. It would have been a bad decision, a disaster. That is why He asked me not to accept it.’ Thus He is able to advise you in the right way. He is a master in all tattva. He is a true friend, philosopher and guide. Use Him.


-Glimpses of Bhaktimala 4

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