Pure gemstones protect the wearer from negative energies ~ Vishwam – Garnet ~ 22 July 2014


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  1. Jaya Guru Datta Sri Appaji_/\_ !!
    Happy Share your food Day Pranams at the Lotus feet of Our Dattaswaroopa Sadgurudeva _/\_!!

  2. SGS Gems, Story of Lakshmi.
    Devi Navaratri, October 12, 2013, Mysore.
    By the Yoga of Vishnu, Maha Lakshmi assumed several different forms. The following are Her several forms:
    Mahalakshmi in Vaikuntha
    Saubhagyalakshmi for women
    Svargalakshmi in Svarga/heaven
    Nagalakshmi in Patala Loka
    Rajyalakshmi in empires
    Grihalakshmi in homes
    Sampallakshmi with householders
    Surabhi amongst Mother Cows
    Dakshina in Yajnas/sacrificial rituals
    Sri in lotuses
    Sobha/glow in the Moon
    Radiance in the Sun
    Lakshmi Devi resides in ornaments, precious gems, fruits, water, kings, queens, chaste women, auspicious homes, green agricultural fields, white clothes, sacred places, images of gods, sacred pots, rubies, pure pearls, diamonds, pure sandalwood, milk, branches of trees, and the season’s first clouds. Her curls were astonishingly beautiful. She wore a dazzling crown studded with precious gems. She is the ruler of the Sri City/Sripura. Her home is built with the precious Chintamani stones.
    Nityam Sri cakra pujane !!
    Courtesy: jai jai kapisa
    Sri Chakra puja is like a science. It is the means by which Sri Swamiji guides, directs and focuses the universal energies in the form of a seed (bija shakthi) into the theertham water, and then distributes it as prasadam. The Sri Chakra plate itself contains many special components – a Sri Chakra Meru (multi-faceted triangular pyramidal shape typically crystalline or made of special metals), several types of gemstones representing various energies, and the shiny utensils and silverware that we are able to see from the audience level. These components act on the theertham water to energize it with the universal energies, which are guided, molded & shaped, by the Will and Intention of Sri Swamiji as HH does puja

    SGS Gems, Datta Jayanthi, 2011, Mysore.
    Dattavani.org Courtesy: Hira Duvvuri Auntiji.
    Puttu Gam Sri’s message – “chilukanu penchi ..” A parrot dutifully repeats Rama’s name when trained. Jungle animals surprise you with their sport if they are taught to play. A precious rock yields gem stones when cut and polished. But stubborn fools never change no matter how hard you try .”

    It in incredible as to how all things are falling into place. I am beginning to see the connection between Vishwam, stones, parrots, various Chakras. These mysteries are slowly beginning to unravel due to the Grace of our Sadgurudeva.

    Puttuji – thank You for your efforts towards our edification. We cannot get this knowledge in ANY school.

    Appaji’s PuttuGems bless us with all positive energies!!
    Sivaya Guruve Namaha!! Sri Guru Datta!! Om Namo Hanumate Namaha!!

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