“Rāmāyaṇa in a Nutshell” is Shatashloki Ramayana ~ CD – Shatashloki Ramayana ~ 5 Aug 2014

Ramayana ~ CD - Shatashloki Ramayana ~ 5 Aug 2014

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  1. Jaya Guru Datta Sri Appaji_/\_ !!
    Skip a meal and Share your food day pranams at the Lotus feet of Our Srirama Sadgurudeva _/\_!!

  2. HH in Last episode of Shatashloki Ramayana.
    Dattavani.org Courtesy: Parimala Eshwarlaji.
    Ramayana dispels the worries and tensions of the person. It frees the person from the arrogance that knowledge wealth and power can cause. A human being will be transformed into a sage. He becomes eligible for attaining liberation. It enables the person to live in the society and perform karmas without getting attached to the society. He learns to remain sinless. In other words, a person learns to behave like a lotus leaf, which even when living in water does not allow the water to touch it.

    Sadgurudeva has chanted and gifted us the Shatashloki Ramayana (100 most important verses) of the Ramayanam, so that we can meditate daily and think deeply on the meaning of the story. In the process of meditation, one comes across various questions regarding what one sees, hears, intuits, or discovers within one’s self, and these have a direct relationship to various parts of the story of the Ramayana, and for one who has developed their intuition through the practice of samyama (a manner of meditation), these relationships become crystal clear, and act as aids in one’s personal sadhana ..(Courtesy : Jai Jai Kapisa)

    From Dattavani.org:

    SSR Day 7 by Pujya Bala Swamiji, January 7, 2014, Mysore.
    Veda Vedye Pare Pumsi Jaate Dasaradaatmajey
    Who ever chants the 100 slokas of Shata Shloki Ramayana, will gain the merit of chanting complete Ramayana. Hence, Pujya Sri Swamiji sang this Ramayana and made everyone sing it. Take some time to listen to or read the complete Ramayana in life time. That gives the merit of listening to the entire Vedas.
    Ramayana is equal to the Vedas. Veda took the form of Ramayana. Hence we need to try chanting Ramayana completely. Teach your children Shata Shloka Ramayana. In Kaliyuga it gives more merit and it is the need of the hour in Kali Yuga.

    Sadgurudeva after the Sri Chakra Puja, July 4, 2014 – KSHT, Dallas TX, USA.
    I am very happy. Young children memorized the Shatashloki Ramayana. I did not concentrate on Sri Chakra Puja. Today I am doing my beejakshara mantra and focusing on the children’s chanting of Shatashloki Ramayana. Shatashloki Ramayana is our story. Not Rama’s story. It is our body. Mano buddhi Sita Rama (mind/intellect). Complete Ramayana is in our body. These small kids, without script they are chanting. My tears of joy are coming. I am controlling. Like a computer machine I am pouring water in puja. My complete mind was attracted by these kids.

    The reason Sadgurudeva is so fond of Shatashloki Ramayana is because, His parents Atri and Anasuya had hosted and protected Rama, who is another form of Lord Datta.

    Anagha Puja – for Virtues; Shatasloki Ramayana – for Wisdom;
    SriGuru Gita – for Guru’s Grace.&……………………………………we will follow forever !!
    Sri ram jairam jaya jayaram saccidananda jaya raghuram !! Sri ram jairam jaya jayaram saccidananda jaya raghuram !!
    Sivaya Gurave Namah !! Sri Guru Datta !! Om Namo Hanumathe Namah!!

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